Evidence-Based Policy Making Part II

Our new Prime Minister is intent on adding 25,000 Syrian refugees by year end to fulfill a campaign promise.


By contrast the US, a country 10 times our size, is only adding 10,000 refugees… over the next year.

Justin Trudeau and Liberals trumpeted during the election that they were going to champion “evidence-based policy making” which is a supposed non-partisan approach to creating policy that is independent of ideology.  It’s something the left trots out all the time, starting way back with the Tony Blair government in England, but in reality it’s selectively applied and is intended merely to shut off debate, because who can debate facts?

Selectively applied?  Well, certainly there’s little “evidence-based” policy making at work with respect to the Syrian refugees.

There are fairly reliable reports that as many as 3-4% of Syrian refugees are sympathetic to ISIS and all that entails, namely a fundamentalist interpretation and enforcement of their religion, an Islamic supremacist mindset.

If for the sake of argument you say that number is closer to 1%, of 25,000 expedited refugees that means 250 would be ISIS sympathizers.  Even 0.5% would mean 125.  It doesn’t take that many to cause quite a bit of carnage, as Paris has shown.  Even then, do we want 125 Islamists walking around Thornhill and Mississauga helping propagate an incubating environment that has already seen many Canadian born youth embracing Islamism?

So where is the evidence-based policy making now?  Facts would suggest that a more reasonable, controlled and cautious approach to what and how many Syrian refugees are brought into our country.


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