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The Perfect Symmetry of Liberal Irrationality

Stephane Dion, our Minister of Foreign Affairs was recently at the NATO meetings where they discussed primarily the mission against the Islamic State.  He rationalized Canada’s decision to pull out of participating in air strikes by citing that Canada accounted for only 2 % (2.4% actually) of the total air strikes made in recent months against the IS.  In other words, why are we bothering?  Our contribution is just token participation, we’re not really affecting any change over there.  Fair point.  Generally, we’re always in favour of substance over symbolism.

As it happens, while Dion is pulling our planes out of Syria, our new Prime Minister is doing a grand tour that will end in Paris with the grand soiree climate change conference.  And he’s promising money left right and centre to fight this that and the other thing with respect to climate change.  And his sympatico Kathleen Wynne is about to unveil a carbon tax system that will cripple the Ontario economy even further.  Rachel Notley in Alberta brought a carbon tax to Alberta with much fanfare.  Canada’s contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions?  1.6%

So, let’s get this straight… 2.4% of airstrikes against IS?  Tokenism, why bother?  1.6% of global greenhouse gas emissions?  My God, we need to do everything in our power, including tanking our manufacturing and energy sectors of the economy!  It’s a moral imperative!

Ah, liberal logic.

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