Junk Science

The federal Liberals at least are supposed champions of “evidence based” policy making.  It’s not a leap to suppose that the Ontario Liberals believe they are similar champions, especially when you consider how many Ontario Liberal staffers now work in Ottawa for the Trudeau government.

The segment on the Agenda is pretty dull stuff overall, but for entertainment you should fast forward to about the 9:00 mark when the Liberal apologist tries to dismiss the Ontario Auditor General’s indictment of our hydro costs in this province by arguing how much money we’re saving – real money, in her words – by reducing the “social costs” of carbon emissions, and, get this, by reducing the costs of extreme weather events in the province.

To our knowledge, weather doesn’t really respect borders… so how’s that again?

It’s like the Wynne ad where the Ontario Liberals claim to “be stopping climate change”.  Sorry?

Ontario accounts for 0.5% roughly of global greenhouse gas emissions.  Contrast that with China at 24% (and there are reports that they under-report their carbon emissions by more than a 100,000 mega tonnes a year). So even if we went full retard, to quote Tropic Thunder, and got to ZERO carbon emissions as a province (and we’re headed that way if the Wynne government stays in charge and successfully drives out all business) we’d still have almost ZERO impact on climate change.

So we are castrating ourselves for no real purpose, and it gets justified with junk science and bullshit assessments of the “social costs” of carbon.  And for what?  So Wynne and her co-horts can jet off to Paris and get accolades from bureaucrats in other countries about what mavericks in the fight against climate change we are, while the loss of manufacturing and high-energy industries leaves southwestern Ontario a wasteland.


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