On The Donald

Let’s get this out of the way; Donald Trump is not a conservative.  He’s a liberal.

  • He’s a protectionist, who is opposed to free trade.
  • He’s used government mechanisms to expropriate properties for his development projects.
  • He’s benefited from doing business in government closed markets and highly regulated industries (casinos).
  • He’s pro-choice and been married 3 times.  Seriously, when’s the last time  that you think he’s been in a church of any kind of his own volition?
  • He’s donated to Democrats in the past, including Hillary Clinton when she ran for Senator in New York.  He’s explained that away as “the cost of doing business” i.e. he’s operated in those areas of our economy where greasing politicians for favours or influence is seen as normal.   Doing so is tacit acceptance that government has a role in picking winners and losers in business, which conservatives should reject.

And that’s just off the top of our head.  So the fact that he may win the Republican nomination is just further indication of conservatism’s ongoing fall from grace.  This is not the man to arrest the fall.  At best he is a Traditionalist in the old Tory vein, but when your big government proclivities don’t overlap with libertarians and result in a strong advocacy of free markets, then you’re a crony capitalist, just like every Russian or Arab oligarch that got obscenely rich by government largess and uses government to crush competition.

And when you cross a liberal with an anti-immigrant/nationalist you get… a fascist.

Next post we’ll discuss then why, in view of what Donald Trump is and represents, Kevin O’Leary is a bad idea for Canadian politics.




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