The Circus Keeps Spinning Through OuterSpace

Yeah, this is not really news Mr. Coyne.

Yet, it’s funny.  He points out how the Liberals have buried a line about the ORPP being used to finance infrastructure at the bottom of their budget, and then also buries his pointing that out… at the bottom of his column.  Why not lead with this?

In fact, what the ORPP deductions amounts to is a tax.  The ORPP will have all sorts of contribution money that it will need to turn around and “invest”.  Why not invest in Ontario Green Bonds?  No one else is buying that shit.  Why not buy one of the pieces of Hydro One coming up for sale?  Or maybe the LCBO in a few years?  And all that money gets rolled back into the Ontario government’s general budget so they can spend it – and not exclusively on infrastructure, but on public sector salaries and favours to friends of the OLP.

If they just came out and said, “we need to raise taxes to fund all of our spending” they’d be pilloried, and rightly so; there’s no revenue problem in our province, only a spending problem.  So instead they concoct this corrupt idea, an accounting ponzi scheme, where money being taken in to supposedly fund future retirement income is invested in government assets – assets of a government that is going broke ergo those assets will be practically worthless going forward.

It’s all lies.  Lead with the lying part Mr. Coyne.

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