We won’t spend too much time on Justin Trudeau’s foreign policy, because we’re clearly un-Canadian in our views according to the (ex-Marxist) Stephane Dion, and thank God the Liberals are here to get the country back to its (supposed) pacifist roots.

JT’s dismissal of ISIL as a threat to Canada or western existence is a disgusting pretense for pulling our bombers.  We’ve talked before how it’s an odd contradiction that we argue our bombers are meaningless (about 2% of the total bombing missions in Iraq to date) and yet he’s hungry to castrate our economy on the altar of climate change (our GHG emissions being about 1.5% of the global total, and falling).

Yes, if you’d like to be technical JT, ISIL or whatever Islamic terrorist group you want to consider are not bringing an end to the West any time soon.  But they’re bringing an end to Middle East stability.  They’re influencing terrorist attacks in Europe and the US.  Europe has now done a severe about-face and is starting to round-up and deport hundreds of thousands of Muslim men whose asylum is illegitimate, and that’s going to get downright ugly before it’s over.  France, an ally, is at war with these people.

We don’t buy that it’s just JT trying to save face by holding to an election promise.  It’s Liberal arrogance that Canada can live in a vacuum and that our multi-culti values will immunize us from any of the problems in the rest of the world, we’re the Great Hotel, come check in and get a room, service is first-rate.

There’s a solution to the whole Syrian refugee crisis; go in, wipe out Assad and ISIS, install a proxy-state and establish stability with force.  It’s simple, but simple things are not necessarily easy.  Training?  Aid?  For what and for whom?

Just ludicrous.

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