Well, Sure They Are. They’re Married to the Same Man

Apparently Michelle Obama thinks she’s her “soul mate”.

Here’s a “unique” narrative…

A relatively unaccomplished but charismatic young(er) man, married to an attractive woman, with two adorable kids, incredibly, improbably becomes the leader of his country after only a brief and, by all objective accounts, unspectacular spell in elected office.  He is elected on the winds of change and hope, positivism and restoration.   The nation breaks out in celebration when he wins, because he represents a relief to the masses of people oppressed by the previous regime’s catering to corporate interests, war mongering, and willful ignorance of environmental catastrophes.  He is almost immediately awarded international recognition for things he hasn’t done, but rather what he has promised to do.

I guess then here’s some predictions based on how things went south of the border since 2008;

  • The next Nobel Peace Prize will go to Justin Trudeau for his compassionate work on the Syrian refugee file and the shining example he has set for other western leaders;
  • The Canadian economy will not only continue to flat-line, but decline over his next 5 years as Prime Minister.  Oil will not be coming back, his (and the compliant provinces’) environmental policies will continue to hamstring manufacturing and natural resource based businesses and the country’s financial position will grow increasingly precarious as the federal and provincial governments continue to run massive deficits in the name of “stimulus”;
  • Files that the federal Liberals had promised to improve upon the Conservative’s hard and mean ways, like aboriginal rights and reparations, women’s rights et al actually get worse, not better;
  • Despite retreating from military conflicts and hard lifting in the world’s trouble spots we still suffer from increased Islamic jihadist activity on Canadian soil; and yet
  • Come the 2020 federal election, the Liberals win another majority government, crushing some poor milquetoast Conservative leader (McKay, Rait, Kenney… it won’t matter).  Everyone is stunned.
  • Repeat steps 2-4 again, for another 5 years.
  • 2025 – enter Canada’s version of Donald Trump to address the ANGER as millions of people awake to the idea that they’ve been badly misled for the past 10 years.

Who wants to bet us?

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