Don’t Be Fooled – the Leap Manifesto is Evil

Is there any need to go into depth about the insanity of the Leap Manifesto? Conrad Black, Rex Murphy and others have done so already, much better than I could ever hope to.

But it does beggar the question why the NDP feels the need to commit hari-kari on the altar of ludicrous faux-marxist, climate-fascist ideals. And why are so many people, young people especially, turning to the discredited ideas of socialism, pulling old tired tropes off of the scrap heap of history? From the NDP in Canada taking itself to the brink of adopting the Leap Manifesto, to Bernie Sanders in the U.S. and Jeremy Corbyn leading the labour party in the U.K., we see socialism becoming more and more popular at the same time that far right movements are gaining steam in Europe, and a nativist movement in the form of Donald Trump’s candidacy having a legitimate political impact in the U.S. This is frightening, because the far right and the far left often find themselves having an incredible amount of common ground in their pursuit of some mythical “purity”, either of race, culture or ideology and their willingness to adopt authoritarian means to achieve that purity.

On David Thompson’s wonderful blog, we are reminded of one excellent posting by a Mr. David Gillies;

“Jeremy Corbyn was born in 1949. Stalin was still in power then. Since then we have been through the Korean War, the 1956 Hungarian revolution, the Prague Spring and its subsequent repression, the Communist takeover of Viet Nam and Laos, the Khmer Rouge genocide in Cambodia, the fall of Eastern European Communism, the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Tiananmen Square and the recent upswing in Russian revanchism. We have also seen free markets and the rule of Law lift billions out of utter destitution, leaving mainly untouched those areas where the Left still has sway. Despite all this, Corbyn still cleaves to the most disgusting, barbarous ideology that has been seen on Earth since the Conquistadors put the kibosh on Aztec thoracic surgery. That’s not misguided. That’s evil. Just because he looks like a geography teacher shouldn’t let him off the hook. He is a wicked man busily surrounding himself with wicked (mainly) men and a few wicked women. We should not be afraid to state, plainly and repeatedly, what he is and what he stands for. To do any less is to acquiesce in his vileness.”

So true; we should never ever forget how essentially wicked these people and what they stand for truly are. Upon an honest review of history, their policies have left people not just destitute but have invited the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to march through humanity unabated, leaving massive destruction in their wake. Naomi Klein and her Al-Jazeera loving husband Avi Lewis will never experience the pain their evil ideologies would rain down on people because they’re part of the glitterati, the intellectual class that can jet around the world, making small talk at parties over glasses of champagne and organically sourced appetizers about the evils of capitalism and the desperate need the end to all fossil fuels, all while conveniently ignoring their own personal hypocrisy.

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