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Shoveling Sand Against the Tide

Is there any doubt that we’re dealing with criminals here?

Here’s the pretty obvious connection of dots; the Ontario Working Families Coalition, a political action group composed of and funded by public sector unions (the teachers’ unions primarily) amongst others, spends millions of dollars during the Ontario provincial elections trashing the PC party… not the Liberals or NDP mind you, but just the Conservatives, since they are identified as the main threat to the pig trough. And the group, lo and behold, is headed by a member of the Liberal Party, Marcel Wieder, as he’s outed in this clip at about 17:40 – does everyone know but the public?

So essentially what we have here is a third party political action group that does the bidding of the Ontario Liberal party without having to conform to the rules and election finance constraints.

And so how do the unions manage to fund it so lavishly? Well, they get payouts from the Liberals. Unprecedented “outlier” payouts to the tune of $80 million dollars over the past 13 years.

They should be given full points for their ingenious deception and sleight of hand, much like the ORRP, the ‘privatization’ of Hydro One and all the other inventive ways they’ve found to keep money coming into the general coffers. And then those funds get funneled to the public sector unions, who then fund advertising campaigns to keep the same Liberals in power.

Isn’t this how it’s done in … say … Columbia? Nigeria? Thailand? You pick the third world country where we know that politicians are crooks, but we don’t expect or accept in Canada.

We can only surmise the motivation here and it’s two pronged; first, there are a lot of friends of the Ontario Liberal party that get well compensated by their schemes so there’s strong incentive to stay in power to keep that money flowing. Take as an example one Mike Crawley, ex-president of the Liberal Party of Canada, and ex-president of the Ontario Liberal party. Guess who owned a “green” energy company, International Power Canada, Inc. that was started after the Green Energy Act was passed while he was President of the Ontario Liberals? Care to guess how much his company made off of contracts to help build windmills in the province?

Then there’s the second motivation; they’re on the side of the angels. They must hold onto power at all costs, all methods justified, because heaven forbid they let power go to the heathen conservatives. They, the Ontario Liberals, are standard bearers for the four pillars of progressive thinking; the brotherhood of man, the triumph of learning and reason over faith and instinct, human life in deference to Gaia and social peace achieved through social equality. Who would oppose any of that? Only evil people. Only… conservatives. And thus, power must be maintained at all costs, the ends justify the means.

We are in a sad point in our province’s history. Instead of fixing the quite obvious economic and social problems we face, Ontarians are saddled with an activist government hell-bent on spending $7 billion on an environmental plan that would suffocate our province and on championing social engineering causes that are akin to shoveling sand into the tide.

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On Trump…. Again

US politics is not my forte, but here goes.

The term “presumptive nominee” of the Republican Party gets used a lot these days. Ah well, let’s see if Donald Trump the “official nominee” still happens… it’s a crazy world we live in. After all, can it be that the Republicans are all set to nominate for President of the US and “presumptive” leader of the free world a person who at one time implies he would “bang” his daughter ? (But only if she weren’t his daughter, because he’s not a degenerate of course…)

After I met Ivanka and praised her to her father, he said, “Yeah, she’s really something, and what a beauty, that one. If I weren’t happily married and, ya know, her father . . . ”

And then he goes on the Howard Stern show many times bragging about not having enough time in his life to sleep with all the women that were available to a billionaire New York businessman. Whoa, this guy oozes class. He’s obvious Presidential material.

As I’ve written previously, conservatism is at its roots a political philosophy about the importance of character. Character is defined (amongst other uses) as the following;

  • The mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual;
  • The distinctive nature of something
  • The quality of being individual, typically in an interesting or unusual way
  • Strength and originality in a person’s nature
  • A person’s good reputation

The etymology of the word “character’ is from the Greek word “kharakter”, which was a stamping tool, and thus implies engraving or imprinting, not an insignificant idea behind what we think of when we discuss a person’s character. A person’s character is arguably carved into their soul, their psyche and not something that can be easily shed or transformed. You can’t just announce that you’re going to start acting more presidential… you either were or you weren’t.   This is not to say that a person’s character can’t change, but I am saying it’s not something that changes easily without being forged into a different shape and manner over time.

So there is plenty of evidence, plenty of proof out there that Donald Trump was a fairly despicable character for most of his life. And just because you reach the age of 69 that doesn’t give you a pass to say, hey, I’m older now and changed, I wouldn’t say those disgusting things or act that way now that I know better. Character is a difficult thing to change.  And he hasn’t. He’s not worthy of the Presidency. And he’ll be crushed in November.

Which brings us to Paul Ryan. We can only imagine the pressure he is enduring to get with the program, after all a huge segment of his party has voted for this piece of work. It’s hopeful that he resists the pressure and he and Ben Sasse and other conservative leaders in the US do what is right and reject Trump, even if this means being ostracized from the party. That would show character that we could respect.

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