On Apathy for Terrorism

So an immigrant from Uzbekistan, Sayfullo Saipov, drives a truck onto a cyclist path and kills 8 people.  He came to the US in 2010.  Uzbekistan is a loser country, inhabited by losers.  More on this in a second.

Hardly anyone cares about this attack.  The story will be gone by the next news cycle.  The Las Vegas shooting barely stayed alive in the news for more than a week, why would this one warrant even a fraction of the concern?  I’ve noticed no #PrayforNY trends on Facebook or Twitter thus far.  People can’t even be bother to exercise their own narcissism – “look at me and how sad I am” – over this attack.

I want to go against the grain here and argue that this has nothing to do with Islam, like the guy in Edmonton, the driver in Barcelona and elsewhere.  This guy was not “radicalized”.  He was a loser, from a loser country with a backwards loser culture.  And people don’t drop all their cultural and psychological baggage at the border when they enter the West.  They show up hoping that the West and its freedoms and prosperity will turn them into winners, that they’ll be shown how to overwrite their programming to date.  But freedom is a hard thing to manage; if you’ve never been given the proper structure, the proper groundings, the self-discipline to function as a free human being, freedom can be a very challenging thing to manage.  Most can’t cope with it without having been given some instruction.  And here in the decadent West we’re too busy trying to destroy our structures, erase our history and delegitimize self-control that we have nothing to teach immigrants anymore and so these poor souls become pissed at  reality and the crap they’ve been sold.  And how best to take revenge on your suck-ass reality and express your anger?  Wipe out some innocents.

I’m not siding with Leftists on this, but this has less to do with Allah and promises of martyrdom than with young men, bereft of mission and structure lashing out at the world.

At the very very core of conservatism is the idea that humans are fallen creatures.  We are imperfect and can never be perfected.  Our worst selves are very capable of murder, rape, theft, destruction, corruption and naked self-interest.  And what keeps us from our worst selves are the institutions such as family, church, community organizations, manners and civic duty.  We’ve done a pretty good job these past 50 years of destroying our institutions, and without these to keep men in check you will only see more Saipovs, Paddocks and even Weinsteins.  They’re all rooted in the same cultural problem we have in the West; we no longer believe in ourselves and the things that made us.


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