About This Blog

Just a couple of guys who decided one day, what the hell, we can write a blog as well as some of these other people we see on the internet.

What we are about can be read here.

Otherwise, we live in Ontario, Canada.   No need to know more than that.

We hold generally conservative views, but don’t take that to mean necessarily that we’re fans of Glenn Beck (an idiot) or going to resort to knee-jerk defenses of absurd CEO pay levels or any other default right-wing doctrine.

And to talk about just politics would be equivalent to running our own heads into a concrete wall.  So we will very often try to talk about sports, pop culture, and dip into our favourite pasttime of making fun of losers.


One thought on “About This Blog

  1. Donnie McLeod says:

    We have two thinking processes. One gets us onto trouble because it kept us out of trouble a billion years ago. If you use the other thinking process in your job you won’t be be replaced by a computer. One is our reactive thinking process. The other is our reflective thinking process. One makes conservatism possible. One makes liberalism possible.


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