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On Using ‘Zie’ and ‘Hir’ and More Shooting the Survivors

Does anyone care to place bets on when we will get the first politician in Canada to stand up and make a speech using “genderless pronouns”?  It may be sooner than you think – maybe as soon as next year…. maybe even this year.

The same way Kathleen Wynne obnoxiously pays homage in hir every speech to the Indigenous tribe on whose ancestral lands zie stands, we’re going to see Liberal and NDP politicians start referring to ‘zie’ instead of ‘he’ or ‘she’.

No?  Don’t think it can happen?  You are naïve then.

The federal Liberals are all set to pass Bill C-16 which will outlaw the discrimination and harassment of individuals based on their gender identity.  Not actual physically gender, but what that person identifies as.  Identity.

Don’t forget that it was Canada’s over-reaching human rights legislation that spawned provincial and federal Human Rights Commissions, where just being offended or insulted it seemed was grounds for being charged with human rights violations. In Quebec now a teacher cannot criticize Muslims without being brought before a Human Rights Commission. A comedian in BC cannot insult hecklers without being levied a $40,000 fine.  Mark Steyn and Maclean’s had an epic battle with the human rights courts for simply suggesting the “future belonged to Islam” which was interpreted to be anti-Muslim.  Thankfully the Conservatives (belatedly) repealed the law.

But here come the Liberals and their Hirster-in-Chief.

It would serve everyone well to become familiar then with the use of these new pronouns;

zie zim zir zis zieself
sie sie hir hirs hirself
ey em eir eirs eirself
ve ver vis vers verself
tey ter tem ters terself
e em eir eirs emself

See, while this legislation is intended to virtue signal what a kind and tolerant society we have what it does instead is give the SJW bullies another club to beat us with. Case in point – this brave University of Toronto professor who is pushing back against the university’s human resources directive, that all professors begin using gender-less pronouns. Zie will soon be a pariah.

“If Peterson fears the Trudeau government passing Bill C-16 into law, he should smarten up his act by upgrading his ethics circuits, not by trying to marshal opposition to basic human rights protections for people he refuses to even try to understand,” added Peet.”

Just examine the frightening power in that quote – zero acknowledgement of concerns or validity to the other side, rather the onus is on Professor Peterson to “upgrade his ethics circuits” because he’s clearly evil, zie has moral failings if zie‘s engaged in Wrong Think.

Wait a second – did Professor Peet check with Professor Peterson if zie wants to be called “he”?  Uh oh.

We wish zim good luck, but in all likelihood zis position at the university will become untenable because in the great hierarchy of evils in the eyes of the left, after racism and climate change denial, comes opposition to trans-gender rights.

The SJW’s envision a world where before you speak to someone you each, as a matter of courtesy, inform the other person of the pronouns you would like used. Seriously. This is not new and many universities across the US have already instructed their students to adopt this new protocol of human interaction.

So one can easily imagine a future of people, in all manners of private and public businesses being charged for failing to properly address a person by their self-identified gender or using genderless pronouns. It will be paralyzing. And you can laugh it off as paranoid fantasy, but these people will have the Law behind them. The most powerful person in any work place setting will now become that one employee that forces everyone to learn a new language and forces emails and memos to be rewritten to suit their sensibilities.

Justin Trudeau, early next year. That’s my bet for the first politician and when.


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On Warriors and Our Nation of Children

Do you ever wonder what a nation or society of children we’ve become?

I’ve become a big fan of Jocko Willink of late and based on his praise for the book, I’ve begun reading About Face by Col. David Hackworth. Reading the book gives you great perspective on how soft (and fortunate) we’ve become in our modern age; Hackworth joined the army at age 15, and by age 21 was a 1st Lieutenant commanding 200 infantry in the Korean War.  In the book he details the horrors of fighting in Korea and later Vietnam, the trench warfare, trying to sleep and cope with constant artillery shelling and sniping and attacks, rats nibbling on your toes at night, digits cut off due to frostbite, starvation and dehydration, feet rotting due to poor hygiene and constant rain, comrades killed and wounded on a daily basis… Hackworth at one point gets his arm and shoulder shredded by landing on a grenade, and when a doctor tells him he will never straighten his arm again he jumps out of his hospital bed, drain still inserted in his arm after surgery, does a push-up to straighten his arm and tells the doctor to shove off. This is a warrior. Without these types of individuals none of us would enjoy any of the freedoms we take for granted.  Only those who are intellectually dishonest would argue otherwise.

It is to laugh when Donald Trump claims to have made many sacrifices and then you compare his “list” to individuals like Hackworth and others who unfortunately lost their lives. Trump is an idiot; the proper response to the question of what sacrifices he’s made was to admit in all honesty that he has not made any sacrifices comparable to Capt. Khan and his family, but then subtly turn it around and ask what sacrifices can Hillary Clinton claim? Barack Obama? Bernie Sanders? Any Leftie leader in the US? Instead he didn’t do that, he attacked the family of a fallen soldier. That alone is proof that he is unfit to lead a nation and be a Commander-in-Chief.

But then how much different is this; an artist in B.C. paints a fawning picture of Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau performing a yoga pose and then has the temerity of call her a “warrior”, the “Queen” of Canada… grow up woman. You are a child that is impressed by ridiculous things. She and her husband are the hipster products of a silver-spoon fed privilege that haven’t made any sacrifices on a scale with real warriors. Neither have what it takes for a real fight or conflict.

Take for example the latest story that our Defense Minister, an actual warrior, is being humiliated with the assigned task of searching for a peacekeeping mission somewhere in Africa that Canada can attach onto, because for Justin Trudeau the military is a tool for Liberal virtue-signaling of what a wonderful, peaceful nation we are, how much he believes in an unworkable utopian United Nations, instead of understanding that true peace is achieved by our warriors fighting for our side, killing people and breaking things that belong to the other side, not just standing in between two groups of hostile people. How’d that Canadian/UN peace keeping mission go in Rwanda?

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Fear for the Future

When two dogs get into a fight what happens the vast majority of the time is that one dog will lie down and show its belly to the other dog. It submits. You won, you are the leader. Rarely does the superior dog then continue the fight and kill the dog that has submitted unless it has behavioral issues, which tend to be more common in breeds like pit bulls, not because they are hardwired to kill other dogs but because they are chronically mishandled by their human masters which leads to said behavioral problems. But let us not digress.

The “right” has been submitting to the “left” now for the last 50 odd years. Pretty much since the 1960’s the right has been showing its belly to the left and conceding ground on all manner of social and cultural issues. It’s a misconception that true conservatives are against social progress on matters pertaining to women’s equality, gay rights, race relations, cultural diversity. But what conservatives try to petition for is Balance, Stability and Rational Government. Progress is great, but taken too far and too quickly it unbalances society, produces instability and results in governments that want an activist role rather than merely manage the affairs of civilization. Unbalanced, unstable and irrational is not a successful formula for any society and inevitably over the long haul leads to human tragedy, suffering and pain.

The pit bulls in my metaphor are the left, the social justice warriors (SJWs) and progressives who are constantly on the march, unable to acknowledge victories and completely amnesiac to where we were as a society even a few short years ago. There seems to be on the left a pathological impulse to fix the world whereas conservatives would tend to argue the only lasting fixes are internal as individuals. Stop asking for the government to fix every ill in the world; look in the mirror, adjust your behavior accordingly, set an example for others and trust that people will follow.

This was a long way of getting to the current Ghostbusters movie and the controversy over Twitter banning Milo Yiannopoulos. The movie looks like it sucks but that’s almost beside the point.

Hollywood is pretty devoid of new ideas and risk adverse so for the most part all you see lately are endless sequels and remakes. Hence their lack of imagination leads them to the brilliant idea that they should remake Ghostbusters with an all-female cast. Firstly, the original Ghostbusters wasn’t all that funny; could they not find a funnier 80’s comedy to remake? Second, comedy remakes tend to be busts because so much of the success of the original is dependent on cast chemistry and jokes that are relevant to that era… fart jokes were hilarious in the 80’s, now it’s got to be upgraded to ghost slime in vaginal cavities? OK, whatever, har har. And lastly, nothing against an all-female cast, Bridesmaids was hilarious for example, but why not create a new comedy for female comedians? Why scavenge a thirty year old comedy, ironically written by men, and simply try to swap out the cast genders?

So the trailer for the movie becomes the most disliked video ever posted to YouTube. Then after it comes out one of the lead actresses, Leslie Jones, gets into Twitter war with trolls that lasts more than eight hours (does she not realize the best thing to do is ignore idiots? Not feed them? Or was this part of a publicity scheme?) It ends with her threatening to quit Twitter and then pleading to Twitter that they do something and they do – they ban the supposed ring leader, Milo despite the evidence that he never actually called her anything racist.

Now Milo Yiannopolous is definitely an acquired taste. He’s a flamboyantly gay libertarian who likes to go after “third wave” feminists and SJWs. Watching him do it is quite funny and provides a perverse satisfaction; it’s like when your older brother would grab your arms and starting forcing you to hit yourself with your own hands and asks “why are you hitting yourself, what’s wrong with you?”. They can’t combat a gay man attacking them in the most un-PC way; they don’t know how to respond. But his soaring popularity is indicative of the times.

Brendan O’Neil writes a pretty good piece on this story, but now he’s under attack… on Twitter. His column is not completely nonsensical.  The only caveat I’d have is this; the left shows no graciousness and so even if a conservative were to show proper decorum, were to attempt to discuss things rationally, there is no reciprocal behavior.  The left act like the aforementioned pit bulls. So in the end a lot of people on the right give up and say, “Hey, if you think we’re incurable bigots then fine!  Let’s be incurable bigots!” and a large segment then give themselves permission to indulge in their worst instincts. No more submission. It’s what has given rise to Trump, an unapologetic bigot who hilariously has had the past two night’s speech upon speech at the Republican National Convention about what a wonderful husband, father and human being he is, despite being married three times, a serial philanderer, and a crook who stiffs people who’ve worked for him. A guy who is on trial for fraud. One of his character witnesses is Rudy Giuliani, a man who let his wife know about their divorce during a press conference after months of running around in public with his mistress. But you know what? None of his fans (or Milo’s fans) care, if the other side doesn’t care about standards, why should we?

It’s sad. Conservatism at its roots should be about character. It already evaporated long ago on the left (Hillary Clinton 30 years ago would have been indicted), and now it’s all but evaporated on the right. Fear for the future.

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Losing the Battle

So I got this email the other day at work.

From: Bag, Douche

Sent: Wednesday, June 08, 2016 12:41 PM

To: Everyone at Work in My Building

Subject: Kids on climate change

Hi everyone.

I know I shouldn’t do this, but I had to share this video developed by the Ontario government and featured on their climate change website.

And here’s the website:


Douche Bag

Senior Tree Hugger

(PS – I wear board shorts and flip-flops to work in an office because I’m huge prick.)

What strikes me about receiving this email is the inference on the part of the sender that all those receiving this email would be either grateful for it or accepting of its contents. There is an implied impunity to any blow-back, because if I had replied something to the effect of, “Please, in the future do not send me links to government tax-payer funded propaganda that uses little kids to hector their parents about climate-alarmism,” guess who would have been the f’n bad guy? Me. What kind of Neanderthal, anti-science, troglodyte calls this propaganda? Isn’t it the truth?!? WHO IS AGAINST TRUTH?!? EVIL PEOPLE, THAT’S WHO.

So, I debated for a few minutes responding to Mr. Bag, weighing the costs and benefits of outing myself as a “denier”. Then I came to the conclusion, as I usually do whenever I stop and not let my emotions get a hold of me, that I cannot change this person’s mind nor can I do anything other than put a giant target on my back for the eco-cultists on the 3rd floor to shoot at (with their metaphorical guns, certainly, not real guns), so what would be the point other than to start argument I cannot win.

I thought briefly about forwarding the email to Human Resources and inquiring as to whether it was appropriate to be circulating political emails at work, but then after thinking about that for several minutes also, I came to the conclusion that the interpretation at HR would likely have been “what’s political about that?” and doubtless my complaint would have gone nowhere, or equally likely they would have lazily just forwarded my email on to Douche with some kind of limp-wristed instruction to please take care in the future, and I would have been outed anyway.  We are talking after all about a company that has a “Sustainability” group that does bullshit false-economy work commissioning buildings so they achieve some kind of minimum threshold of environmental compliance and can hang a cheap looking diploma in their lobby stating that they’re LEED certified, or something like that.  Meaningless work unless you have a culture that upholds meaningless work as way of corporate virtue-signaling…. “Look how awesome and environmentally conscious a company we are!” and then they get a nice profile in some year end magazine listing the “greenest” companies to work for.

So in the end, despite my dismay at receiving an email promoting a Nazi-youth, North Korea style, climate propaganda video that speciously uses children, I lacked the courage to do anything but meekly read his email, click on the link, watch in disgust, wait a few minutes for my fuming to subside and then delete the email. I have kids to feed, a mortgage to pay, I cannot afford to make any great moral stand on something ultimately I have zero ability to influence. But oh wait – after some monkeying around with Outlook I did find a way to block the asshole so I will never see another email from him again.   That will teach him.  Next time he invites us all to one of his lunch seminars about filling out our mileage forms to comply with our commute-reduction goals, I won’t get the invite.  Straight to trash.  We have to take triumphs, no matter how small, wherever we can get them.

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Shoveling Sand Against the Tide

Is there any doubt that we’re dealing with criminals here?

Here’s the pretty obvious connection of dots; the Ontario Working Families Coalition, a political action group composed of and funded by public sector unions (the teachers’ unions primarily) amongst others, spends millions of dollars during the Ontario provincial elections trashing the PC party… not the Liberals or NDP mind you, but just the Conservatives, since they are identified as the main threat to the pig trough. And the group, lo and behold, is headed by a member of the Liberal Party, Marcel Wieder, as he’s outed in this clip at about 17:40 – does everyone know but the public?

So essentially what we have here is a third party political action group that does the bidding of the Ontario Liberal party without having to conform to the rules and election finance constraints.

And so how do the unions manage to fund it so lavishly? Well, they get payouts from the Liberals. Unprecedented “outlier” payouts to the tune of $80 million dollars over the past 13 years.

They should be given full points for their ingenious deception and sleight of hand, much like the ORRP, the ‘privatization’ of Hydro One and all the other inventive ways they’ve found to keep money coming into the general coffers. And then those funds get funneled to the public sector unions, who then fund advertising campaigns to keep the same Liberals in power.

Isn’t this how it’s done in … say … Columbia? Nigeria? Thailand? You pick the third world country where we know that politicians are crooks, but we don’t expect or accept in Canada.

We can only surmise the motivation here and it’s two pronged; first, there are a lot of friends of the Ontario Liberal party that get well compensated by their schemes so there’s strong incentive to stay in power to keep that money flowing. Take as an example one Mike Crawley, ex-president of the Liberal Party of Canada, and ex-president of the Ontario Liberal party. Guess who owned a “green” energy company, International Power Canada, Inc. that was started after the Green Energy Act was passed while he was President of the Ontario Liberals? Care to guess how much his company made off of contracts to help build windmills in the province?

Then there’s the second motivation; they’re on the side of the angels. They must hold onto power at all costs, all methods justified, because heaven forbid they let power go to the heathen conservatives. They, the Ontario Liberals, are standard bearers for the four pillars of progressive thinking; the brotherhood of man, the triumph of learning and reason over faith and instinct, human life in deference to Gaia and social peace achieved through social equality. Who would oppose any of that? Only evil people. Only… conservatives. And thus, power must be maintained at all costs, the ends justify the means.

We are in a sad point in our province’s history. Instead of fixing the quite obvious economic and social problems we face, Ontarians are saddled with an activist government hell-bent on spending $7 billion on an environmental plan that would suffocate our province and on championing social engineering causes that are akin to shoveling sand into the tide.

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On Trump…. Again

US politics is not my forte, but here goes.

The term “presumptive nominee” of the Republican Party gets used a lot these days. Ah well, let’s see if Donald Trump the “official nominee” still happens… it’s a crazy world we live in. After all, can it be that the Republicans are all set to nominate for President of the US and “presumptive” leader of the free world a person who at one time implies he would “bang” his daughter ? (But only if she weren’t his daughter, because he’s not a degenerate of course…)

After I met Ivanka and praised her to her father, he said, “Yeah, she’s really something, and what a beauty, that one. If I weren’t happily married and, ya know, her father . . . ”

And then he goes on the Howard Stern show many times bragging about not having enough time in his life to sleep with all the women that were available to a billionaire New York businessman. Whoa, this guy oozes class. He’s obvious Presidential material.

As I’ve written previously, conservatism is at its roots a political philosophy about the importance of character. Character is defined (amongst other uses) as the following;

  • The mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual;
  • The distinctive nature of something
  • The quality of being individual, typically in an interesting or unusual way
  • Strength and originality in a person’s nature
  • A person’s good reputation

The etymology of the word “character’ is from the Greek word “kharakter”, which was a stamping tool, and thus implies engraving or imprinting, not an insignificant idea behind what we think of when we discuss a person’s character. A person’s character is arguably carved into their soul, their psyche and not something that can be easily shed or transformed. You can’t just announce that you’re going to start acting more presidential… you either were or you weren’t.   This is not to say that a person’s character can’t change, but I am saying it’s not something that changes easily without being forged into a different shape and manner over time.

So there is plenty of evidence, plenty of proof out there that Donald Trump was a fairly despicable character for most of his life. And just because you reach the age of 69 that doesn’t give you a pass to say, hey, I’m older now and changed, I wouldn’t say those disgusting things or act that way now that I know better. Character is a difficult thing to change.  And he hasn’t. He’s not worthy of the Presidency. And he’ll be crushed in November.

Which brings us to Paul Ryan. We can only imagine the pressure he is enduring to get with the program, after all a huge segment of his party has voted for this piece of work. It’s hopeful that he resists the pressure and he and Ben Sasse and other conservative leaders in the US do what is right and reject Trump, even if this means being ostracized from the party. That would show character that we could respect.

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Don’t Be Fooled – the Leap Manifesto is Evil

Is there any need to go into depth about the insanity of the Leap Manifesto? Conrad Black, Rex Murphy and others have done so already, much better than I could ever hope to.

But it does beggar the question why the NDP feels the need to commit hari-kari on the altar of ludicrous faux-marxist, climate-fascist ideals. And why are so many people, young people especially, turning to the discredited ideas of socialism, pulling old tired tropes off of the scrap heap of history? From the NDP in Canada taking itself to the brink of adopting the Leap Manifesto, to Bernie Sanders in the U.S. and Jeremy Corbyn leading the labour party in the U.K., we see socialism becoming more and more popular at the same time that far right movements are gaining steam in Europe, and a nativist movement in the form of Donald Trump’s candidacy having a legitimate political impact in the U.S. This is frightening, because the far right and the far left often find themselves having an incredible amount of common ground in their pursuit of some mythical “purity”, either of race, culture or ideology and their willingness to adopt authoritarian means to achieve that purity.

On David Thompson’s wonderful blog, we are reminded of one excellent posting by a Mr. David Gillies;

“Jeremy Corbyn was born in 1949. Stalin was still in power then. Since then we have been through the Korean War, the 1956 Hungarian revolution, the Prague Spring and its subsequent repression, the Communist takeover of Viet Nam and Laos, the Khmer Rouge genocide in Cambodia, the fall of Eastern European Communism, the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Tiananmen Square and the recent upswing in Russian revanchism. We have also seen free markets and the rule of Law lift billions out of utter destitution, leaving mainly untouched those areas where the Left still has sway. Despite all this, Corbyn still cleaves to the most disgusting, barbarous ideology that has been seen on Earth since the Conquistadors put the kibosh on Aztec thoracic surgery. That’s not misguided. That’s evil. Just because he looks like a geography teacher shouldn’t let him off the hook. He is a wicked man busily surrounding himself with wicked (mainly) men and a few wicked women. We should not be afraid to state, plainly and repeatedly, what he is and what he stands for. To do any less is to acquiesce in his vileness.”

So true; we should never ever forget how essentially wicked these people and what they stand for truly are. Upon an honest review of history, their policies have left people not just destitute but have invited the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to march through humanity unabated, leaving massive destruction in their wake. Naomi Klein and her Al-Jazeera loving husband Avi Lewis will never experience the pain their evil ideologies would rain down on people because they’re part of the glitterati, the intellectual class that can jet around the world, making small talk at parties over glasses of champagne and organically sourced appetizers about the evils of capitalism and the desperate need the end to all fossil fuels, all while conveniently ignoring their own personal hypocrisy.

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Wynne Bag the Orville Redenbacher of Racist Popcorn

What does she mean by “systemic” racism?

Definition of systemic;




adjective: systemic

  1. of or relating to a system, especially as opposed to a particular part.

“the disease is localized rather than systemic”

  1. Physiology

denoting the part of the circulatory system concerned with the transportation of oxygen to and carbon dioxide from the body in general, especially as distinct from the pulmonary part concerned with the transportation of oxygen from and carbon dioxide to the lungs.

The use of the word systemic then is meant to imply that it’s pervasive, it’s throughout. And of course the one protester wants to correct Ms. Wynne that it’s systemic black racism. Let’s be clear – there is no such thing in Canada, no such thing in Ontario, no such thing in Toronto. We may have pockets where racial biases exist today, but the implication that racism is pervasive in our country, province and largest, most diverse city is not just a lie, it’s essentially throwing all of us who attempt to conduct ourselves in as much of an non-racist fashion as possible under the bus, not to mention the Toronto police and every other police department in the province that for the most part goes out of its way to conduct outreach to minority communities.

So this is a leader? A leader doesn’t essentially accuse the majority of people in her province of being racist when confronted by a group of nonsensical, noisy, outrage addicts. Here’s what a real leader would have done; invite the “leaders” of this protest into her office for a chat, without cameras (I doubt they would have come then – it’s all about the publicity for them) and tell them, politely, to grow the f*ck up and stop slandering my province and my police. Then kick them out with a smile and a wave for the cameras and ignore them from then on. These people, starved of oxygen, will only flame out. But Wynne has just fanned the flames.

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Celebrity Vanity

NBA All Star weekend in Toronto produced some moments, like that, ahem, interesting version of O Canada sung by Nelly Furtado.  But there was also this embarrassing bit of Canadian chest-thumping to an American TV audience;

So many questions this brings to our minds… like why did this asshole think it was appropriate to use a post-game interview of a celebrity basketball game as a venue for spouting out his political views?  Was he asked about his politics?  Would he agree that while, sure, the US has some things to learn from Canada, perhaps Canada has some things to learn from the US?  Why is health care the first thing that he points out, when our health care system is hardly a role model for responsiveness? And, most importantly, who is this dude?

Look, we get that artists are leftists, and shall ever be thus.  Conservatives are, by principle, generally in favour of balance, stability and rational government.  Artists are about pushing boundaries, being avante garde, exploring new forms and structures.  The greatest homage one artist pays another is that he or she “changed music”, or “revolutionized film making”, or “questioned our stereotypes”, or such platitudes.  So yes, artists and conservatives are at odds; balance and stability doesn’t sound like change and revolution.

Then you have the phenomenon of “champagne socialism” whereby people have so much money and affluence that they are removed from the daily anxieties of normal working stiffs; no mortgage, no car payments, what’s a few extra couple thousands on their tax bills…. ha! we don’t even know exactly how much money we have!  So, removed from those day-to-day worries they are free to take in the world from a 50,000 foot elevation and pontificate on the virtues of all sorts of grand social engineering schemes whether it be climate change, refugee crises, racism or healthcare.  And it doesn’t even matter how many homes these people own, like renown champagne socialist Jeremy Irons, or how much carbon dioxide their yachts are pumping into the atmosphere, like renown warmist Leo DiCaprio, they’re somehow immune to accusations of hypocrisy.  Like the Arcade Fire dude who can afford whatever health care he needs, in whatever country.

There’s a great political ecosystem out there with checks and balances.  Eventually, history tells us, when the pendulum swings too far in one direction, there is a correction in the other.  Can these artists and champagne socialist thrive and make money in an unstable world?  That’s the irony, that they need the platform built by conservatives.  And so Win Butler, take a breath, things are not so desperate in the fight against the right that you have to take any little opportunity to push your pet leftist causes, just enjoy your moment at a silly little celebrity event and come to the realization that at the end of the day you need us.

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We won’t spend too much time on Justin Trudeau’s foreign policy, because we’re clearly un-Canadian in our views according to the (ex-Marxist) Stephane Dion, and thank God the Liberals are here to get the country back to its (supposed) pacifist roots.

JT’s dismissal of ISIL as a threat to Canada or western existence is a disgusting pretense for pulling our bombers.  We’ve talked before how it’s an odd contradiction that we argue our bombers are meaningless (about 2% of the total bombing missions in Iraq to date) and yet he’s hungry to castrate our economy on the altar of climate change (our GHG emissions being about 1.5% of the global total, and falling).

Yes, if you’d like to be technical JT, ISIL or whatever Islamic terrorist group you want to consider are not bringing an end to the West any time soon.  But they’re bringing an end to Middle East stability.  They’re influencing terrorist attacks in Europe and the US.  Europe has now done a severe about-face and is starting to round-up and deport hundreds of thousands of Muslim men whose asylum is illegitimate, and that’s going to get downright ugly before it’s over.  France, an ally, is at war with these people.

We don’t buy that it’s just JT trying to save face by holding to an election promise.  It’s Liberal arrogance that Canada can live in a vacuum and that our multi-culti values will immunize us from any of the problems in the rest of the world, we’re the Great Hotel, come check in and get a room, service is first-rate.

There’s a solution to the whole Syrian refugee crisis; go in, wipe out Assad and ISIS, install a proxy-state and establish stability with force.  It’s simple, but simple things are not necessarily easy.  Training?  Aid?  For what and for whom?

Just ludicrous.

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