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Abort Female Fetuses Because Life is Rough for Women

Heather Mallick is really unhinged.  But in a way there is some benefit to her having a platform (free speech!) to advocate for radical feminism.  Granted we have to plow through 600-700 words of pure slop and bad writing to get her viewpoint.

Take her latest and greatest.

She writes;

It never occurs to Warawa that parents might prefer boys because the lives of girls are so awful. But it’s people like him who make girls’ lives awful, only partly by refusing to give women dominion over their own pregnancies.

She’s actually consistent, having made the same point months ago in another column about abortion and sex selection.  So she feels it’s justifiable to want to abort a female fetus because parents might not want to bring a female child into such a harsh anti-woman world.   How far would Heather like to take that rationale?  If a test were ever devised to determine a fetus stood an increased likelihood of being gay, should it be aborted by the parents because we all know that it’s difficult to be gay in our society?  How about short people?  How about blacks?  Is Heather in favour of eugenics, aborting “undesirables” before they’re even born?

Well, in fact, she is.  Responding to British MP Jeremy Hunt’s proposal to have the time limit on abortion reduced from 24 weeks to 12 weeks, she writes:

The tests for conditions like Down syndrome cannot be done before 12 weeks. Women will be rushed into abortions, or miss the deadline, or get a back-street abortion or give birth to a severely damaged child neither they nor their partner were warned about.

So are we to infer from that paragraph that Heather Mallick sees no issues with aborting a fetus simply because it’s diagnosed with the potential to being born with Down’s Syndrome?  And let’s be clear – these tests only provide women with the facts that based on test results and other factors, the statistical odds may be leaning towards a Down’s Syndrome child, but there are no guarantees.

And of course she is equating Down’s Syndrome with being “severely damaged”.  This is so obviously repugnant, we don’t even know where to begin.

But for the Heather Mallicks and Emma Teitels of the world the whole abortion debate is very stark question of absolutes – either a woman has total control of her body, up to the very point of delivery of the baby, or she does not.  Any reason she may have for aborting a fetus is between the woman and her God/conscious/whatever, but not for us to interfere.

Funny then how these two women dismiss the other question of absolutes – is a fetus a distinct human being or not?  They never want to engage in attempting to answer that question because they cannot.  And if you cannot be sure if a fetus is a human being or not, but you believe that murder is wrong, then the logical conclusion is to err on the side of the argument that the fetus is a human.

But then again, we’re not convinced that they believe all murder is wrong.  Radical leftists throughout history have shown a propensity for murdering people in the name of advancing ideologies.  As a matter of fact, leftist regimes have murdered more people throughout history than any other system of goverment. 

So what’s the murder of a few undesirable fetuses to these people?  All in a day’s work.

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We Don’t Find It Funny Either, Heather.

We could, if we wanted, make a full time job out of blasting Heather Mallick, easily the worst columnist for a major newspaper in this country.

She writes;

What would I do without Jason Kenney? He’s not the gift that keeps on giving, he’s the gift that keeps forcing itself on you.

Our sentiments exactly when it comes to you, Heather.

Reason to Thank Jason 2: Kenney’s office sent out an email titled “LGBT Refugees from Iran,” touting his support for gay rights in a nation where Canada has abandoned its embassy (and thus presumably gay rights). Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender recipients were left wondering how on earth he knew who they were.

Heather loves to attack not real conservative positions, but caricatures.  So, typically it would not serve her purposes to have Jason Kenney have any sympathy for lesbians, gays or trans-whatevers, so she mocks his statement, because of course she is imbued with the power to see into the dark and malicious hearts of conservatives, and knows what they truly believe.  Note also Heather is conveniently silent on the fact that Iran  persecutes and kill homosexuals, and just maybe it might be the noble position to remove our embassy since why would we want to treat with a country that behaves as such and gives the finger to the rest of the world whenever it’s reprimanded for such behaviour.  But, of course, criticizing an enemy of the US and Israel is off-limits for leftists such as Heather.

Reason to Thank Jason 3: I save the best for last. Kenney this week announced that he favours Bill M-312 — to be voted on in the House of Commons Wednesday night — which would mandate setting up a committee, largely Conservative, to decide when human life begins.

As a woman, I have spent my life alert to any possibility of pregnancy, a waste of time since I clearly could just have called Kenney’s office to ask for a ruling. If a woman thinks she’s pregnant, she might as well be, for all the abortion rights she’ll have if Jasons ran the world.

What?  Does this last paragraph make any sense to anyone?  If you are pregnant – you are pregnant.   There are tests that say it, Heather.  Or are you inferring now that even that is a question to be resolved?  You are not pregnant until 4 weeks?  8 weeks?  Never?  Pregnancy is a state of mind?

Motion M-312 is a no-win proposition for the Conservatives, who already have the support of the Canadian Tea Party, there being no one else to vote for. The Conservative party whip, Gordon O’Connor, has already stood up in the House and defended abortion rights in terms so frank that I love him more than Jason himself. “Abortion is, and always will be part of society,” he said.

Yes, well.  Let’s examine what her hero Mr. O’Connor actually said in parliament in the slap down of Stephen Woodworth;

Whether one accepts it or not, abortion is and always will be part of society. There will always be dire situations in which some women may have to choose the option of abortion. No matter how many laws some people may want government to institute against abortion, abortion cannot be eliminated. It is part of the human condition.

I cannot understand why those who are adamantly opposed to abortion want to impose their beliefs on others by way of the Criminal Code. There is no law that says that a woman must have an abortion. No one is forcing those who oppose abortion to have one.

Within the free and democratic society of Canada, if one has a world view based on a personal moral code that is somewhat different from others, then live according to those views as long as they are within the current laws. On the other hand, citizens who are also living within the reasonable limits of our culture and who may not agree with another’s particular moral principles should not be compelled to follow them by the force of a new law.

It is an amazing speech from a so-called conservative.  Nowhere in the whole speech does he address the heart of the matter – when can we as a society consider something as a human life?  Is he willing to unequivocably say that the fetus is not a human life?   If he is not, then is he conceding that we should just accept that human lives are routinely ended by abortions, let’s just move on?  Is he OK then with late term abortions, is he OK with feminist heroes like Dr. Kermit Gosnell, who thought nothing of plunging scissors into a “newborn’s” neck and snipping the spinal cord, because maybe the baby wasn’t completely, technically, all the way out yet?

The cowardice of some people to run from this issue is amazing.

But back to Heather;

So this private bill won’t matter in the short term. But it is infinitely humiliating to women to have the matter of abortion rights raised again in Parliament. It makes one think that Harper has tacitly given approval to his more primitive MPs to try to renew ownership of women’s bodies, a suspicion the NDP has voiced to great effect.

Strange how destroying barely-borns wouldn’t be perceived as “primitive”.  And why, oh why, do the feminists always have to turn this into an issue of “ownership” over a woman’s body?  In the minds of Heather Mallick and her kin, conservatives are always trying to control and enslave women and turn them into birthing machines.  The paranoia is astonishing.

So there’s Kenney and MP Stephen Woodworth and the gang — they are the Mississippi of the House of Commons — being handed a free vote on women’s lives. At this point, the joke stops being funny.

Yes, it has stopped being funny.  It is not funny that Canada cannot even find the courage to seek a reasonable accomodation between both extremes, between the zero abortion crowd, and the 39 week abortion-is-OK crowd.   They moan about pro-male fetus sex-selection abortions happening after 20 weeks, but wouldn’t even entertain the idea of miming the more reasonable restrictions of between 12-16 weeks seen in some of the left’s more “enlightened” countries like Sweden, Denmark and France.

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Wow, The Climate Changers Are Really Stretching Now

At times we’re at something of a loss on how to treat all the climate change bullshit that gets passed off as news; we here at RA being very proudly in the denier camp.  And we have a real hard time stomaching the sanctimonious preaching, the needless alarmism and the rampant hypocrisy from the climate changers of the world.

Take for example this article bemoaning the impending, inevitable end of pond hockey in Canada, all because we haven’t enacted Kyoto.  Seriously.  The article goes so far as to threaten us with never having another Wayne Gretzky ever again!  My God, Stephen Harper, aren’t you a hockey fan?  How can you in good conscience allow this to happen?  Would you stop with the robocalls just long enough to weep with the rest of us for the hundreds of thousands of displaced outdoor hockey players in our country?

Now admittedly, we’ve had a pretty warm winter here in Ontario, not warm enough to melt Heather Mallick’s brain, but pretty warm.  Reasonable people might say, OK, it happens once in a while.  And you know, last year we had a pretty stiff winter, lots of snow and plenty of downright cold days (yeah, funny how short some memories are).  And even this year, while sure we had a warm winter here, just look across the pond – Europe has had a very cold winter (yeah, funny how myopic some people’s vision is).  Lots of snow.  Lots of freezing temperatures.  They’ve had a much colder winter than normal.

So, the law of averages would seem to indicate, all is good.  And perhaps we should consider applying the law of averages over years and decades and see how we pan out.  Turns out if we did that, we’d all see things are just fine – but umm… that doesn’t work with the climate changers’ agenda, so we’ll just ignore that, along with a thousand years of climate data so we can produce incredible hockey-stick graphics for Al Gore to lie about.

And one last thing that struck as absurd in the article – how many kids are playing hockey outdoors anyways?  The article had to go all the way back to Wayne Gretzky, circa the 1970’s to find an example of a superstar raised on outdoor rinks.  With all the things kids have these days  – Xbox, Playstation, cable TV, the internet, Blu-Ray DVDs… how many kids are we talking about here?  That’s its own sad commentary on society today.

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Ah Heather – You So Crazy!


We don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

This is what passes for commentary in Canada’s largest daily newspaper.  We wonder about her mental health.  Really.  Find a doctor Heather, stat.  It’s disjointed nonsense, it draws outrageous parallels from Harper to Assad, and you know what?  We also would like to see Matt Damon debate Joe Oliver.



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Heather Mallick, First of Many Many Posts to Come

Those who decide to stick with Regressive Analysis and keep reading our site will learn that we have a thing for Heather Mallick.  Not that kind of a thing, oh God no.

For those of you unfamiliar with Heather, she’s a columnist for the Toronto Red Star, and an occasional columnist for the Guardian in the UK, and of course is infamous for being shown the door by the CBC, for being a little too viscious in an attack she made on Bristol Palin, and comparing Sarah Palin to a porn star.  You know where you stand when even the CBC can’t turn a blind eye to attacks on conservatives and their families, which is standard fare over there at the MotherShip and it’s cadre of communists.

Anyway, we here at Regressive Analysis find Heather Mallick to be quite ridiculous.

A few years ago there was a TV reality show, Rockstar Supernova, and after one contestant Magni Ásgeirsson performed his version of “Fire” by Jimi Hendrix, one of the judges, Tommy Lee, jumped up and said “Yo, man!  That was ridiculous!”  But you knew from the joyful expression on his face, the fist pump and the crowd cheering was that he meant it was ridiculous in the best possible way.

Yeah, well…  When when we say Heather Mallick is ridiculous, we mean in almost the exact 180 degree way to that.

We mean ridiculous in the who-lets-her-write-this-shit, is-she-insane, what-the-fuck? type of way.

She is a commentator who takes ad hominem attacks, the verbal diarrhea of slurs, mis-truths and name calling, amazing mind-reading feats and the presentation of caricatures instead of real persons involved in any issues to new heights.

Take her latest “column” in the Red Star yesterday.

This is all typical Mallick.  Her “research” involves reading the works of only those people with whom she agrees.  She claims that she “know[s] about the American hard-right lunacy from watching The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report”.  Most journalists would be embarrassed to admit that their primary source for their political commentary came from comedy shows, but not Heather.  She makes the outrageous claim that all of the negative political discourse originates from the right side of the spectrum, while working for a newspaper that has been running a year long campaign to vilify Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

We here at Regressive Analysis are obviously deeply conflicted.  On the one hand, the world would be a more rational, reasonable place if what passes for discourse from the likes of Heather Mallick would somehow evaporate.  However, we know that so long as she is around, and somebody is stupid enough to give her a platform, that we will always have something to write about.

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