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On Politically Correct Wasting of Our Money

Have you see the latest Ontario Government commercial?

It’s supposed to be about Ontario’s 150th anniversary.  Where is the credit for those who made it a great place for the past 150 years and made it a society capable of welcoming and accommodating all of these recent waves of immigration?

Where are the old people?  Where’s the farmer from Owen Sound or Eastern Ontario?

You want to show immigrants?  What about the immigrants from Italy, Poland, Yugoslavia, Scotland, Ireland, Greece, and Ukraine that came after World War II and built this province?  Where’s the old Italian bricklayer or the Greek store owner?  Where’s the autoworker in Windsor, the guy operating a snow plow in Timmins?  I don’t see one Indian – half our doctors in this province.  Not a single Jew, heaven forbid we show Jewish people in a government video.  Evil Zionists, that wouldn’t go over too well with our leftist crowd.

The only white people in the video is a gay dude and his boyfriend and a teacher who has only one arm!

It’s such a blatant homage to politically correct multi-cultural feel-goodisms.  I feel sick watching it knowing our tax money is paying for not only its creation but for it to get air on national networks in prime time.   This from a government that is massively in debt, lagging in REAL infrastructure spending (sorry, day care spaces don’t count despite what the government says) and providing <1% economic growth per annum.

Where are the priorities?  Is this what it has come to that our governments feel it’s their primary role to make us feel good about ourselves?  Moral preening never put food on anyone’s table, built a single bridge or provided a bright future for our children.

I can’t wait to see the Ontario Liberals turfed.  Trouble is I have no faith that Mr. I Had a Speech Impediment Oh Boo Hoo will do much differently as Premier.  He’ll fall into the same trap a lot of Conservatives do – they’ll think they’re going to be the government for a nice long spell if they just play it cool when instead they should be in a hurry to burn 70% of the government machinery to the ground so when the Liberals or NDP do get back into power it’s just a charred ruin incapable of wasting our money.

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On the Eve of the US Elections

Tomorrow the US will elect a new President. Well, tomorrow is when they’ll vote; in all likelihood we won’t know the official result until December after all the legal challenges are concluded in every state where the margin of victory was a percentage point or two of the popular vote. That is, unless Trump badly underperforms the current polling and loses by a solid margin in Florida, which is the key tipping point state – Trump cannot win the election if he doesn’t win Florida. But right now it looks like he’s even odds to win that state but it won’t be by much, maybe one or two points; in which case expect the recount saga of 2000 repeated all over again if those state’s 29 electoral votes are the difference between either President Trump or President Clinton.

That said, find something else to watch on TV Tuesday night, Clinton will win the election.  She has a better overall organization and Republicans have underperformed the polls the past couple of elections because they don’t have the ground game to get the vote to the polls.   All the Hollywood elites, media, academics and public sector unions, the unelected left-wing cabal that steers the discourse in the West can breathe easier.

The question will then become – how violent is this going to get? What am I talking about?

See this clip from last Friday’s Bill Maher show… he more or less apologizes on behalf of the Left for their demonization of John McCain and Mitt Romney, the latter being a perfectly decent man, a moderate Republican but who was still compared to Hitler. We have our own example here in Canada where a very milquetoast and overly-cautious Stephen Harper was called a “fascist” on a regular basis, and when he was defeated last year the left-wing cabal were almost orgasmic in their celebrations. But Maher and the others in the clip are essentially saying, “All those other times we told you the Republicans were fascists… well we were exaggerating, but this time – this time – it’s true! It really, really is!”

We all know who Lena Dunham is… a talentless Hollywood darling and devoutly evil person who lied about being raped to make a good story for her book. Well, here she is in this clip obnoxiously pushing for her girl Hillary, or how about this clip where she (and her father, a man who made his living painting pictures of women’s breasts) says that white males should be made extinct. Do they say this stuff just to make their peers laugh and score brownie points with their fellow brain-dead leftists, or do they really believe white male babies should be aborted? Do they believe in eugenics? Because that’s evil, or do they not realize that? Oh wait, what are we talking about – they believe in an evil ideology that has produced more suffering than any other ideology in history, of course they realize they’re being evil.

Here is the thing… there is a cycle in our local, provincial/state, national politics… we elect leftists because that’s where our natural, romantic tendencies trend as a people – we all dream of a more inclusive and tolerant world, one that protects the vulnerable and promotes social and natural harmony. But the left think this type of world can be created by fiat and they, after a time, just go too far, their agendas get hijacked by special interests groups and the bills for their plans need to get paid… and then people push the reset button and elect conservatives to clean up the inevitable mess and do what conservatives do – provide balance, stability and rational government.  David Miller was a horrible mayor of Toronto; cue Rob Ford.  Bob Rae, horrible premier of Ontario, bring in Mike Harris.  Paul Martin weak and ineffective Liberal, bring in Stephen Harper.  Jimmy Carter a weak President brings in Ronald Reagan.  It’s going to happen here in Ontario, finally, Wynne out, Brown in.  Give it a few years and Trudeau will be trounced circa 2024 when it becomes abundantly clear that he’s bankrupted Canada.  The pendulum swings back and forth; the left has good intentions but makes a mess of it, conservatives come in and clean up said mess, the left comes back and says we’ve learned our lessons and will be more reasonable this time, left get back into power but forget the lessons soon enough, and on it goes.  Wash, rinse, repeat ad infinitum.

But this time we face a bigger more modern problem in that we are dealing with the crap that the aforementioned unelected cultural leftists are dumping on us; in their recent emboldened moral vanity they now call conservatives stupid and bigoted, they insist on gutting the economy in a futile effort to stop global warming, they want to force you to call people “zie” and suggest white males are a cancer in the world to be cut out, they want a segregated society with different rules for every identity group and apologize for being the West.

Trump is a result of all this. But what people will realize after this election is that what they want is to hit the reset button on the culture, and not necessarily the politics. As the expression goes “politics is downstream of culture”. After Trump is defeated, after Brexit is delayed or quashed by courts in England, after we get a Bill C-16 here in Canada making it illegal to call someone “he” or “her” without their consent or a carbon tax that will slow the economy down during a recession, a large segment of the population in the West is going to start casting their eyes higher, at the culture that produces the unelected leftist cabal.

A positive outlook would be to say, hey – the “long arc of history” as Obama likes to describe it shows that there is a cycle and things will self-correct.  Bu the more cynical outlook would say there are only three things that affect cultural change; demographics, violent conflict and technology. And two out of the three are largely beyond doing anything about. It’s going to be a rocky road the next few years.

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On Using ‘Zie’ and ‘Hir’ and More Shooting the Survivors

Does anyone care to place bets on when we will get the first politician in Canada to stand up and make a speech using “genderless pronouns”?  It may be sooner than you think – maybe as soon as next year…. maybe even this year.

The same way Kathleen Wynne obnoxiously pays homage in hir every speech to the Indigenous tribe on whose ancestral lands zie stands, we’re going to see Liberal and NDP politicians start referring to ‘zie’ instead of ‘he’ or ‘she’.

No?  Don’t think it can happen?  You are naïve then.

The federal Liberals are all set to pass Bill C-16 which will outlaw the discrimination and harassment of individuals based on their gender identity.  Not actual physically gender, but what that person identifies as.  Identity.

Don’t forget that it was Canada’s over-reaching human rights legislation that spawned provincial and federal Human Rights Commissions, where just being offended or insulted it seemed was grounds for being charged with human rights violations. In Quebec now a teacher cannot criticize Muslims without being brought before a Human Rights Commission. A comedian in BC cannot insult hecklers without being levied a $40,000 fine.  Mark Steyn and Maclean’s had an epic battle with the human rights courts for simply suggesting the “future belonged to Islam” which was interpreted to be anti-Muslim.  Thankfully the Conservatives (belatedly) repealed the law.

But here come the Liberals and their Hirster-in-Chief.

It would serve everyone well to become familiar then with the use of these new pronouns;

zie zim zir zis zieself
sie sie hir hirs hirself
ey em eir eirs eirself
ve ver vis vers verself
tey ter tem ters terself
e em eir eirs emself

See, while this legislation is intended to virtue signal what a kind and tolerant society we have what it does instead is give the SJW bullies another club to beat us with. Case in point – this brave University of Toronto professor who is pushing back against the university’s human resources directive, that all professors begin using gender-less pronouns. Zie will soon be a pariah.

“If Peterson fears the Trudeau government passing Bill C-16 into law, he should smarten up his act by upgrading his ethics circuits, not by trying to marshal opposition to basic human rights protections for people he refuses to even try to understand,” added Peet.”

Just examine the frightening power in that quote – zero acknowledgement of concerns or validity to the other side, rather the onus is on Professor Peterson to “upgrade his ethics circuits” because he’s clearly evil, zie has moral failings if zie‘s engaged in Wrong Think.

Wait a second – did Professor Peet check with Professor Peterson if zie wants to be called “he”?  Uh oh.

We wish zim good luck, but in all likelihood zis position at the university will become untenable because in the great hierarchy of evils in the eyes of the left, after racism and climate change denial, comes opposition to trans-gender rights.

The SJW’s envision a world where before you speak to someone you each, as a matter of courtesy, inform the other person of the pronouns you would like used. Seriously. This is not new and many universities across the US have already instructed their students to adopt this new protocol of human interaction.

So one can easily imagine a future of people, in all manners of private and public businesses being charged for failing to properly address a person by their self-identified gender or using genderless pronouns. It will be paralyzing. And you can laugh it off as paranoid fantasy, but these people will have the Law behind them. The most powerful person in any work place setting will now become that one employee that forces everyone to learn a new language and forces emails and memos to be rewritten to suit their sensibilities.

Justin Trudeau, early next year. That’s my bet for the first politician and when.


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On Spin and the Lesser of Two Evils

If I were ever to be elected to provincial office, I would shut down TVO my first day in office.  I’m so glad that basically no one watches this tax-payer funded network for Liberal propaganda… except for me obviously.

Note the “balance” on this episode – if you include the host, the conservative is outnumbered 5:1, and the conservative is a poor feeble minded old man who acts as a Wynne apologist to boot.  That’s the Left’s idea of “balance”.

Once upon a time, I thought Steve Paikin was a reasonable, professional journalist who hid his leftist bias. But on this episode he opens with talking points straight from the Premier’s office and actually wonders aloud why, oh why, is Kathleen Wynne’s personal approval rating at 16%.

Unemployment is down under Wynne?  The manufacturing sector in this province is absolutely and totally gutted.  Take a drive through the wasteland of southwestern Ontario. As a result there are literally thousands upon thousands of men and women who have given up looking for work – once you stop looking for work you stop being counted as one of the “unemployed”.  Add to that the literally thousands upon thousands of young men and women, recently graduated from school with zero job prospects and are either sitting at home playing video games or padding their resumes with volunteer and intern positions. That accounts for a large drop in the unemployment figures. Private sector employment has fallen, government sector increased. On whose backs are those jobs being paid for?

Oh, but the budget will be balanced… firstly, says who?  The Liberals?  3% growth is THEIR projection.  They keep projecting tax revenues to go up.  Intuitively we know that is bullshit in this economy.

And they claim the budget will be balanced next year… but only after McGuinty/Wynne have DOUBLED the provincial debt.  We are the most indebted sub-national government IN THE WORLD.  And how have they balanced the budget?  But levying all sorts of bullshit taxes, health premiums and selling our stakes in Hydro One a one-time balance sheet mark-up.

Paikin totally blows past the idea that the Liberals are the subject of five ongoing OPP investigations, have blown billions on eHealth, ORNG, cancelled gas plants, cancelled ORPP, MARS and we pay the highest hydro rates in the western world.  Our hydro rates have doubled in the past two years and now they want to levy a carbon tax on our gas because they, the wonderful Liberals, are combatting climate change single handedly.  Now they promise to help us with our hydro costs by removing the HST on our hydro, a move that will cost the Ontario government $1 billion.  NO – wrong.  It won’t COST the government shit – BECAUSE THAT’S OUR MONEY, NOT THE GOVERNMENTS.  We make the money and government taxes us, but if you follow typical Leftist logic it’s all their money first and they allow us to keep some to live on.  Every tax cut or rebate is portrayed as COSTING the government, but taxes and charges never seem to cost the taxpayers jack squat.

All this and yet I have zero faith that Wynne will be defeated in the next Ontario provincial election. We have entered the era of “lesser of two evils” when it comes to our politics and as Ben Shapiro so accurately writes about the US election;

We’ve been told since the end of the primaries that we must choose one candidate or the other. It’s a binary decision: pick Hillary, or pick Trump. Now, aside from the fact that a vote for neither is not a vote for either, the underlying logic seems to be that in any one-on-one electoral competition, the obligation to choose a candidate trumps any moral obligation to eschew bad candidates entirely. This leads to a lowest-common-denominator politics that can excuse any and all bad behavior by any and all candidates. If Matthew 7:3 enjoins people not to “look at the speck in your brother’s eye but fail to notice the beam in your own eye,” lesser-of-two-evils politics tells us that we ought to ignore both the motes and beams in our own eyes, because after all, our opponents have motes and beams in their eyes.

So the problem becomes that Wynne and the Ontario Families Coalition only have to paint the Ontario PCs as some unpalatable collection of evil bigots/deniers/anti-union rural rednecks and make it a contest of lesser evils – wouldn’t you feel BAD about yourself voting for those people? You may not feel all that good voting for us, but hey! We’re not close-minded right wingers. And boom… 40% of the population buys the idea that, despite your corruption and incompetence, you represent the lesser evil and you’re back in.

I hope I’m wrong.


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Wynne Bag the Orville Redenbacher of Racist Popcorn

What does she mean by “systemic” racism?

Definition of systemic;




adjective: systemic

  1. of or relating to a system, especially as opposed to a particular part.

“the disease is localized rather than systemic”

  1. Physiology

denoting the part of the circulatory system concerned with the transportation of oxygen to and carbon dioxide from the body in general, especially as distinct from the pulmonary part concerned with the transportation of oxygen from and carbon dioxide to the lungs.

The use of the word systemic then is meant to imply that it’s pervasive, it’s throughout. And of course the one protester wants to correct Ms. Wynne that it’s systemic black racism. Let’s be clear – there is no such thing in Canada, no such thing in Ontario, no such thing in Toronto. We may have pockets where racial biases exist today, but the implication that racism is pervasive in our country, province and largest, most diverse city is not just a lie, it’s essentially throwing all of us who attempt to conduct ourselves in as much of an non-racist fashion as possible under the bus, not to mention the Toronto police and every other police department in the province that for the most part goes out of its way to conduct outreach to minority communities.

So this is a leader? A leader doesn’t essentially accuse the majority of people in her province of being racist when confronted by a group of nonsensical, noisy, outrage addicts. Here’s what a real leader would have done; invite the “leaders” of this protest into her office for a chat, without cameras (I doubt they would have come then – it’s all about the publicity for them) and tell them, politely, to grow the f*ck up and stop slandering my province and my police. Then kick them out with a smile and a wave for the cameras and ignore them from then on. These people, starved of oxygen, will only flame out. But Wynne has just fanned the flames.

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What the F*ck is the ORPP?

Hey, I’ve been hearing a lot about this new ORPP that the Ontario Liberals want to bring in.  What is it?

It’s supposed to be the Ontario version of the CPP – the Ontario government will deduct a certain amount from your paycheque each week, and your employer will match that amount.  Do that for x number of years and you are eligible to receive an Ontario pension cheque in your glorious retirement to add to the Canadian pension cheque you get.

OK, but do we need another pension?  Sounds redundant.

According to Wynne you do.  Household savings rates have slipped from a high of about 20% in the late 70’s to less than 5% of household income.  So her thoughts are we aren’t doing enough saving to provide for ourselves in our old age and the CPP doesn’t cover it, so they’re going to come and “help” us save more money.

That’s right, didn’t she say she’s only introducing this because Harper wouldn’t improve the CPP?  But wait a second… isn’t her buddy Justin Trudeau in power now, and didn’t he say that he would improve the CPP?

Yes, but it was never about Harper or the CPP.  Harper did plenty for assisting people with saving for their retirement by creating TFSAs and other vehicles, and still the rate of household savings fell – there’s over $100 billion in unused capacity in RRSPs and TFSA’s in Canada.  Harper took the view that government should provide vehicles for savings, but that how much you saved was ultimately your responsibility.  And by and large people didn’t take that responsibility.

So now Wynne wants to force us to save money?

Exactly right.  It’s actually referred to as “forced retirement savings plan”.  You have no choice in the matter.  Which is a typical liberal approach; they’re looking out for us, they have our best interests at heart, so do as we say.  Nanny statism at it’s finest.

So everyone is being told they have to contribute to the ORPP?

Not everyone – approximately 35% of Ontarian’s already have a pension plan.  Wynne says those people will be exempt… well, some of them.


Not all pension plans are the same.  In simplistic terms there are Defined Benefit plans, where the contribution amount may fluctuate but you know exactly how much you are going to pull out in retirement, and Defined Contribution plans where how much you contribute is defined, but how much you pull out is going to vary depending on how your investments have done.  The ORPP is a DB plan, and so Wynne wants the ability to review existing DC plans – and if they aren’t up to her standards you’ll be forced to contribute to the ORPP.

So what’s the chance my DC plan will be exempted?

Pretty low, my friend.  Unless your contributions are 8% of income, which is a pretty high bar that has been set by the Liberals.

Alright, but defined benefits sounds great, there’s no guess work, no worrying about the how well my investments might be doing…  So how much would I get out of the plan?

Well, if your income is around $90k/year and you start contributing to the plan in 2020 when it’s in full gear, after 40 years of contributions you will be eligible for approximately $12,800 per year upon retirement.

Umm… in 2060?  What’s $13k a year going to worth in 2060?

Who knows?  Probably not much.  Will there even be a Canada or Ontario in 2060?  Who knows?

But I don’t get it, why so little?  How much am I contributing to collect that amount?

Your payroll will be deducted 1.9% of income and your employer will be forced to match that contribution, so effectively every year an amount equal to 3.8% of your income will go into the plan.  Government pension plans usually return about 2% per annum.

What?  That’s worse than the stock market!

Yes, it is.

But then why not encourage people to save and invest on their own, they’ll have a better return?

Because governments have been doing that for 30 years, and the rates of savings are still not going up.  The Liberals need to come save us from ourselves.

But surely some people are saving money!

They are, but it’s just a different manifestation.  Household equity has increased 76% since the late 80’s – people put their money into their houses, real estate and other non-obvious retirement investments.  It’s not the best of ideas, but between high mortgage costs, high taxes and increases in the cost of living, perhaps there isn’t as much disposable income available for savings.

So why do this?

The ORPP is being sold as a needed supplement to the CPP, but it’s really just another revenue tool for the Ontario government.  They’re too scared to actually raise taxes, so they’ve come up with this clever scheme to take money out of our pockets – for our own good.


Sure.  Consider that there are approximately 4.5 million Ontarians with incomes over $30,000 per year.  If we take the 35% ORPP exemption rate that still leaves 3 million potential contributors.  If the mean income is $31,800 per year, a 3.8% contribution deduction probably equals about $3 billion per year.

Wow!  Where does all that money go?

If it’s similar to the CPP, that pension invests in a mix of private equity, debt and infrastructure.  Debt = Ontario government green bonds.  Infrastructure = Ontario Hydro One and other pet infrastructure projects in the province that the province will sell shares in.

Wait… so a lot of that ORPP money will just come back to the government in terms of general revenue?

Yep.  So it’s essentially just another tax to help Wynne bank roll her government’s addiction to spending.

Wow.  That’s downright dishonest and deceptive.

Welcome to Ontario.

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The Circus Keeps Spinning Through OuterSpace

Yeah, this is not really news Mr. Coyne.

Yet, it’s funny.  He points out how the Liberals have buried a line about the ORPP being used to finance infrastructure at the bottom of their budget, and then also buries his pointing that out… at the bottom of his column.  Why not lead with this?

In fact, what the ORPP deductions amounts to is a tax.  The ORPP will have all sorts of contribution money that it will need to turn around and “invest”.  Why not invest in Ontario Green Bonds?  No one else is buying that shit.  Why not buy one of the pieces of Hydro One coming up for sale?  Or maybe the LCBO in a few years?  And all that money gets rolled back into the Ontario government’s general budget so they can spend it – and not exclusively on infrastructure, but on public sector salaries and favours to friends of the OLP.

If they just came out and said, “we need to raise taxes to fund all of our spending” they’d be pilloried, and rightly so; there’s no revenue problem in our province, only a spending problem.  So instead they concoct this corrupt idea, an accounting ponzi scheme, where money being taken in to supposedly fund future retirement income is invested in government assets – assets of a government that is going broke ergo those assets will be practically worthless going forward.

It’s all lies.  Lead with the lying part Mr. Coyne.

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The Perfect Symmetry of Liberal Irrationality

Stephane Dion, our Minister of Foreign Affairs was recently at the NATO meetings where they discussed primarily the mission against the Islamic State.  He rationalized Canada’s decision to pull out of participating in air strikes by citing that Canada accounted for only 2 % (2.4% actually) of the total air strikes made in recent months against the IS.  In other words, why are we bothering?  Our contribution is just token participation, we’re not really affecting any change over there.  Fair point.  Generally, we’re always in favour of substance over symbolism.

As it happens, while Dion is pulling our planes out of Syria, our new Prime Minister is doing a grand tour that will end in Paris with the grand soiree climate change conference.  And he’s promising money left right and centre to fight this that and the other thing with respect to climate change.  And his sympatico Kathleen Wynne is about to unveil a carbon tax system that will cripple the Ontario economy even further.  Rachel Notley in Alberta brought a carbon tax to Alberta with much fanfare.  Canada’s contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions?  1.6%

So, let’s get this straight… 2.4% of airstrikes against IS?  Tokenism, why bother?  1.6% of global greenhouse gas emissions?  My God, we need to do everything in our power, including tanking our manufacturing and energy sectors of the economy!  It’s a moral imperative!

Ah, liberal logic.

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Trigger Warning

Don’t watch this unless you want to lose your lunch; the warm embrace, the loving gaze into each other eyes, the cheering, adoring throngs of Liberal-lovers.

The Globe and Mail wrote on Tuesday about how the Ontario teachers’ unions have contributed significant sums of money to the Ontario Liberal party and the ethical problems inferred in light of all the recent news about payments to those same teachers’ unions.

Then they explain how they sat on the story until after the federal election because:

Voters were not being asked to elect a provincial government, so I did not feel that we were withholding essential information that could inform their decision at the polls. We did risk our appearance of neutrality, however, were we to have published on Election Day,” Mr. Choquette said

But, but… didn’t Wynne endorse and actively campaign for the federal Liberals?  Isn’t some of Trudeau’s senior advisers from McGuinty’s regime?  Would it not be fair to suppose that how the Wynne government conducts itself might not be an indicator of how the Trudeau government will conduct itself as well?

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