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On a Variety of Topics

There’s no essay-length topic rumbling around in the brain to write about, so how about a couple of quick hit items.

The Best and Worst Places for Women in Canada

So this year the best place for women to live in Canada is Victoria, BC and the worst is Windsor, Ontario. This is the same bullshit “study” that last year determined Kitchener-Waterloo was the worst place to live for women largely because to the “wage gap” between women and men despite the fact that women in K-W earned more per capita than women in other cities around the country. But wait – men made even more, therefore the wage gap was larger than average ipso facto K-W was a bad city for women to live in. No accounting for the fact that many women might be married or partnered to some of these higher earning men and thereby experience a higher standard of living than they might enjoy elsewhere.

If you went by this study then the best place for a woman to live in Canada would be a) where all the political representatives/leaders are women, b) where there is no violence against women, c) where women are the top wage earners and in positions of power.

Sounds like Paradise Island ruled by the Amazons with Wonder Woman as their protector.  That’s the goal – a world without men.  If only we could start replicating female humans in a test tube, I’m sure that’d be the feminist dream for the future of the world.

Speaking of Feminists

Again, some clueless person refers to Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau as a “warrior”. We know that all perspective has been lost, but c’mon. The Battle of Verdun in 1916 saw almost 650,000 killed and another million wounded over a nine month period. Men literally drowning in mud holes created by artillery blasts that they couldn’t climb out of.  Corpses everywhere.  Miles and miles of barbed wire with machine gunned bodies stuck on it.  Mustard gas.  Cholera and dysentery.  But those men fought on. What on earth would those souls think about their sacrifices so that two gal-pals can ride around on their Vespa or what they’d think of a generation that holds them up as some sort of ideal?

Stephen Crowder made fun of Emma Watson’s speech to the UN a few months ago. Isn’t it wonderful when a person with so much wealth and fame can lecture us about our “privilege”? I’m sure the roofer, toiling up a ladder three floors high, carrying 2 bundles of shingles to work precariously on a massively sloped roof would love it if you yelled at them, “you lucky privileged bastards!  Stop oppressing Emma Watson!”

PS – where are their helmets? Oh wait, they’re so oppressed that these two attractive women can’t be arsed to wear legally mandated helmets because then people (men) wouldn’t be able to see how beautiful they are.

Watch These Videos and Say WTF

An anti-Jordan Peterson rally at the University of Toronto. Heaven forbid that you ask white cis-males what their opinions on social issues are.

I will contend that 90% of the SJW movement is evil. C’mon, you say, misguided maybe, but evil?  But I’m sure that communists and Nazis didn’t think what they were trying to bring to the world was evil, but now in the fullness of time the great majority of us can look back and say yep, those were evil ideologies, they killed a lot of people and made hundreds of millions of people miserable.   Same thing here – they’re bullies, they’re enemies of free speech, they’re anti-life (abortion, assisted suicide), they’re misandrists, segregationists and against scientific progress and economic prosperity.  If they took over we’d live in a completely miserable world.  That’s evil.

You want proof on what kind of horrible people we’re talking about? See this clip. What a POS.

The New SJW Movement

Wieners Out.

I Couldn’t Have Written It Any Better

A first-rate analysis of how we got where we are with Trump.


The fantastic Douglas Murray on free speech. Listen to the whole thing and wonder how anyone can disagree that free speech is the first fundamental right of people in a democracy.

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What now Mr. Hudak?

So now that we’ve had a few days to reflect on not only the PC’s loss in the recent Kitchener-Waterloo bye-election for Elizabeth Witmer’s vacated seat, but also the ridiculous day-after comments from Tim Hudak, we have a simple suggestion – time to go Timmy.  Time to go.

You had  20 point lead in the polls going into the last election against McGuinty, and you pissed that away.

Then you needed to get one of two ridings that were up for grabs last week, both ridings where the federal Conservatives hold the seats at that level, and you came up with nada.

Then you blame the loss in K-W on massive union influence?  It sounds like cry-baby 101.   Having the unions as your enemy is a bonus – enemy of my enemies is my friend sort of thing.  The NDP have been supported by the unions, for…. ummm, like forever.  Nothing has changed on that front.  Deal with it, dude.  But most people cannot stand unions, most people are sick of hearing about teachers and government workers and the great deals they have compared to the private sector.  So why weren’t you able to capitalize, why can’t you tap into that anger?  Why did the anti-McGuinty vote go to the NDP, and not the Conservatives?

The fact is your momentum is trending downwards.  This is a problem.  Your campaign team obviously sucks, your use of social media is poor, you strategic decisions are weak and it’s not looking good.  You need a 180 turn around, and we haven’t seen anything to give us the impression you can do it.

We suppose you’re sticking it out because the odds of another election around the corner are pretty good, and there is some possibilty that Premier Dad will step away soon while he can do so still as Premier.    So you may be lucky to face a novice Liberal leader.   But we are not impressed.  Ontario is becoming the next Greece, and if we, we being conservatives who believe in smaller goverment and controlling our finances, cannot muster up a challenge to the socialists, then we’re all in trouble.

Wouldn’t it be great if Jim Flaherty came back to fix this?  We can only pray.

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