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On the Eve of the US Elections

Tomorrow the US will elect a new President. Well, tomorrow is when they’ll vote; in all likelihood we won’t know the official result until December after all the legal challenges are concluded in every state where the margin of victory was a percentage point or two of the popular vote. That is, unless Trump badly underperforms the current polling and loses by a solid margin in Florida, which is the key tipping point state – Trump cannot win the election if he doesn’t win Florida. But right now it looks like he’s even odds to win that state but it won’t be by much, maybe one or two points; in which case expect the recount saga of 2000 repeated all over again if those state’s 29 electoral votes are the difference between either President Trump or President Clinton.

That said, find something else to watch on TV Tuesday night, Clinton will win the election.  She has a better overall organization and Republicans have underperformed the polls the past couple of elections because they don’t have the ground game to get the vote to the polls.   All the Hollywood elites, media, academics and public sector unions, the unelected left-wing cabal that steers the discourse in the West can breathe easier.

The question will then become – how violent is this going to get? What am I talking about?

See this clip from last Friday’s Bill Maher show… he more or less apologizes on behalf of the Left for their demonization of John McCain and Mitt Romney, the latter being a perfectly decent man, a moderate Republican but who was still compared to Hitler. We have our own example here in Canada where a very milquetoast and overly-cautious Stephen Harper was called a “fascist” on a regular basis, and when he was defeated last year the left-wing cabal were almost orgasmic in their celebrations. But Maher and the others in the clip are essentially saying, “All those other times we told you the Republicans were fascists… well we were exaggerating, but this time – this time – it’s true! It really, really is!”

We all know who Lena Dunham is… a talentless Hollywood darling and devoutly evil person who lied about being raped to make a good story for her book. Well, here she is in this clip obnoxiously pushing for her girl Hillary, or how about this clip where she (and her father, a man who made his living painting pictures of women’s breasts) says that white males should be made extinct. Do they say this stuff just to make their peers laugh and score brownie points with their fellow brain-dead leftists, or do they really believe white male babies should be aborted? Do they believe in eugenics? Because that’s evil, or do they not realize that? Oh wait, what are we talking about – they believe in an evil ideology that has produced more suffering than any other ideology in history, of course they realize they’re being evil.

Here is the thing… there is a cycle in our local, provincial/state, national politics… we elect leftists because that’s where our natural, romantic tendencies trend as a people – we all dream of a more inclusive and tolerant world, one that protects the vulnerable and promotes social and natural harmony. But the left think this type of world can be created by fiat and they, after a time, just go too far, their agendas get hijacked by special interests groups and the bills for their plans need to get paid… and then people push the reset button and elect conservatives to clean up the inevitable mess and do what conservatives do – provide balance, stability and rational government.  David Miller was a horrible mayor of Toronto; cue Rob Ford.  Bob Rae, horrible premier of Ontario, bring in Mike Harris.  Paul Martin weak and ineffective Liberal, bring in Stephen Harper.  Jimmy Carter a weak President brings in Ronald Reagan.  It’s going to happen here in Ontario, finally, Wynne out, Brown in.  Give it a few years and Trudeau will be trounced circa 2024 when it becomes abundantly clear that he’s bankrupted Canada.  The pendulum swings back and forth; the left has good intentions but makes a mess of it, conservatives come in and clean up said mess, the left comes back and says we’ve learned our lessons and will be more reasonable this time, left get back into power but forget the lessons soon enough, and on it goes.  Wash, rinse, repeat ad infinitum.

But this time we face a bigger more modern problem in that we are dealing with the crap that the aforementioned unelected cultural leftists are dumping on us; in their recent emboldened moral vanity they now call conservatives stupid and bigoted, they insist on gutting the economy in a futile effort to stop global warming, they want to force you to call people “zie” and suggest white males are a cancer in the world to be cut out, they want a segregated society with different rules for every identity group and apologize for being the West.

Trump is a result of all this. But what people will realize after this election is that what they want is to hit the reset button on the culture, and not necessarily the politics. As the expression goes “politics is downstream of culture”. After Trump is defeated, after Brexit is delayed or quashed by courts in England, after we get a Bill C-16 here in Canada making it illegal to call someone “he” or “her” without their consent or a carbon tax that will slow the economy down during a recession, a large segment of the population in the West is going to start casting their eyes higher, at the culture that produces the unelected leftist cabal.

A positive outlook would be to say, hey – the “long arc of history” as Obama likes to describe it shows that there is a cycle and things will self-correct.  Bu the more cynical outlook would say there are only three things that affect cultural change; demographics, violent conflict and technology. And two out of the three are largely beyond doing anything about. It’s going to be a rocky road the next few years.

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Hyperbolic Overdrive

It’s been quite a week for leftist columnists in Canada’s papers.  Lots of hyperbole, the best examples being here and here.

Below we’ve provided a sampling of just a few quotes from articles in this week’s Toronto Star.  See if you can guess which ones are real, and which ones we’ve made up:

“We must remember how close we came to lasting damage, and how important it is to resist the temptation of poisonous politics”

“It was Harper’s first cluster bomb in the War on Women.”

“While it never came to death squads in the street, how close did we come under this regime?”

“The child-care movement became enemies of the state during the Harper era.”

“The war on women was not simply figurative.  It was a literal war on women, with many causalities and collateral damage.”

“Feminists across the country are emerging from their bomb shelters.”

“The registry saved the lives of 600 people every year.”

“How many Muslims will die thanks to Harper’s stance on the niqab?”

“It’s been a terrible decade. Thank God it’s over.”

“What did we ever do to this strange punitive man to make him put us in a cell?”

“What I remember was how violent and frightening the reaction was for many years, especially when the Conservative Party targeted me personally.”

“I remember the day he won a majority all those years ago.  I hugged my partner and we wept.”

“Like survivors of a long and bitter occupation, old friends greeted each other with silent wide smiles, and then fell into quiet reminiscence under the sun of a beautiful autumn day, sharing inflated war stories on their part in driving the barbarians from the gate.”

“Recognition of the courageous fallen, especially among New Democrats — of those MPs, officials and staffers who did not survive the long campaign — were muttered in respectful sadness.”

“This apparatus of hate has been destroyed.  We must remain forever vigilante.”

“…returning to the capital by train from working hard for the ouster of the Hun”

“But today, like the war-weary senior, slowly sweeping his front step of the mess left behind by the retreating armies, Canadians will reflect on how it happened.”

“Many Bothans died to bring us this information.”

“Canadians will soon move to long glasses of wine in front of winter fires, sharing the “where-were-you” chapter of story-telling about the dark years already fading.”

The unfortunate part of all this is, even if Trudeau turns out to be a failure, these people won’t (can’t) ever acknowledge any failings.  Rather, for the next 10 years plus everything that goes wrong will be blamed on Stephen Harper.  Just look at Ontario; we’re over a decade removed from the Mike Harris governments and still to this day the Wynne Liberals hide behind his ghost every time they’re caught screwing things up.

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Ciao Dalton

We’ve noticed that since Dalton McGuinty’s announcement, traffic to our blog has picked up quite a bit, since if you Google search “Dalton McGuinty douche” or “McGuinty Ontario Sucks” lo and behold our humble little website pops up since writing about Premier Dad has been one of our favourite things to do since we started up last January.

What can be said that we haven’t said already?  He was crap.  We could care less if he was a “good” man, a “family” man, if he never lost his temper with staffers, if he was genuine in his beliefs.  His beliefs sucked.  He was a quintessential statist.  McGuinty never came across a problem that he didn’t think couldn’t be solved with yet another law, yet another government bureau.  And he never seemed to be able to rebuff all the friends and family of the Ontario Liberals who pulled up the public trough to feed.

Some time when you have time on your hands, Google the names of the top ORNGE executives, and then add their names to a search with “liberal party” attached.  We need say no more.  The current Liberal Party of Canada president?  Before he had that gig he was a “business owner” building wind farms for the Ontario government.  Before he did that he worked for McGuinty.  Funny how that works.  McGuinty brings in the Green Energy Act, then one of his key staff leave to dip into the pot that was just created.  We could go on.  The media seems to never want to chase these threads.

Anyway McGuinty benefitted from having three pathetic Progressive Conservative leaders in succession. 

First you had Ernie Eves who decided to pull the PC’s to the centre and piss away all of the hard work done by the Harris government.  Ontario was fatigued with the PC’s after 8 years of Harris, but he might have still won had he painted a convincing vision of where he was going to take Ontario post-Harris.  He couldn’t. He deserved to lose because if people are going to vote Liberal-lite, why not just vote for the real thing?

Then you had John Tory.  A big lead in the polls going into the election.  But then he tripped up on the religious school funding.  Really he didn’t make a mistake on that issue, but that’s not the point.  What happened is that Tory had so few policy platforms that differed from the Liberals, everyone focused on just the one campaign pledge, and it happened to be the type of pledge that the blue-haired folks who would normally vote PC went “tsk tsk” and there was such a lack of other energizing platforms that the PC vote said “meh”, stayed home and McGuinty got another election majority.

Then this last time, Hudak has a 20 point lead two months before the election and he blows it.  We’ve discussed this before.  Brutal.

Now he’s leaving.  And of course there’s all sorts of accolades being tossed around, and the worst of them all is this notion that he’s being encouraged to run for the federal Liberal leadership.  Crap.  McGuinty knows he’s about to be taken to the wood shed over all of these scandals, and having “betrayed” the public sector unions.  So he’s running away.

Normally, this would be good.  Conservatives are usually called in to clean up the messes other governments create; Harris called in to clean up Bob Rae’s mess, Rob Ford called in to clean up David Miller’s mess in Toronto etc.  But in this case we have good cause to worry.  The Liberals are history, and Hudak is less than inspiring.  We may wake up a year from now and have Premier Horvath. 

God help us.

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