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On Diversity, Segregation, Cultural Appropriation and Multi-Culturalism

On the one hand you have the supposed forces of diversity; take for example the female German politician who neglected to report her own rape at the hands of three Arab migrants because she was afraid of the racial backlash against Arabs that reporting her crime might provoke. Only after there were subsequent attacks was her friend able to convince her to come forward to the police with her own story. She certainly signaled her virtues to the world – it was more important for her to avoid potentially negative characterizations of a specific race than protect other women from the same fate. It’s as though had she come forward she would be the bad person, not her attackers. Multi-culturalism practiced as a doctrine for being a good quiet victim. It’s not the victim blaming feminists so decry, but it’s close; it’s simply on the hierarchy of grievances and victim-hood, Muslims rank higher than women.

But then you have the forces of segregation; Black Lives Matter, Idle No More, etc. Ever wonder what it is exactly that these people want? As a Canadian this ridiculousness is particularly insulting; we are not a country with anywhere near the history of racism that the US has, so why is this abomination being imported from that country? Sure, we have done some bad things as a nation to First Nations, interning Japanese and refusing Jewish refugees during WWII and such, no Western nation has a flawless record on that front. No serious person would argue that we are a country free of racism, sexism, homophobia et al, but you cannot convince the majority that racism against blacks or other identifiable groups is either “systemic” or endemic in Canada, or in Toronto particularly.

One idea that gets pounded is the idea that white people, because of their “privilege” cannot understand the condition and lives of black people or any other visible minority in our country. That is intellectually absurd. By extension then how could a black person understand the life of say, a Chinese immigrant? How could the straight Chinese immigrant understand the life of gay Chinese immigrant? How could that gay Chinese immigrant understand the life of that trans-gendered Aboriginal wo/man? How could that trans-gendered Aboriginal wo/man understand the life of a paraplegic lesbian Muslim from Pakistan? How can I understand my neighbor? He has a teenage daughter and lives 25m north of where I live, his perspective on life must be different than mine… and on and on.

At some point if you carry that argument to its logical conclusion you could argue that it is impossible for any of us to understand each other, because we are individuals. We all develop as persons with our own experiences that colour who and what we are and determine our cognitive biases. For a society to function successfully we have to accept that others will be able to, for the most part, understand us and our concerns. So when you say that that is impossible then what these people argue for is segregation; the ability to exist under a separate set of laws and conditions. There doesn’t have to be physical separation of groups to have segregation, all it requires is that there are different rules for different people. And when you provide different rules for one group then every group wants its own rules. Including whites who then turn to a Donald Trump in the US and argue, hey it’s our turn for special treatment.

Perhaps it’s not all that different from the German politician who didn’t want to report her Arab rapists – she believed that they, because of their identity, should be allowed to operate under a set of different expectations for allowable behavior. This is what progressive white guilt has created; a society that every day seems more and more hell-bent on dividing into little identity groups, white, black, straight, gay, woman, single, married, native, migrant, Muslim, Christian, atheist, kids, no kids… nothing approaching a nation or unifying culture.

Unifying culture? What a quaint idea. Here’s Justin Timberlake, a pop star that does “black” dance moves and emulates Michael Jackson wherever and whenever possible. He tweets in support of a blatantly racist speech made by a black actor at the BET awards and gets hit with a request to stop appropriating black culture. What? Should we whites then volley back with blacks should stop appropriating “white” culture in the form pianos, keyboards, guitars, brass horns… recording equipment? Turntables? Records? CDs? Where is this headed?

You’d think the left would applaud cultural appropriation. Isn’t cultural appropriation is just another word for multi-culturalism, which as we’ve discussed, is a key goal of the left… but it also is simultaneously a tool of oppression by the white Patriarchy? What? Is this an example of “intersectionality” or whatever they call this crap when they teach it in universities? I can’t keep up.

Two hundred years from now we can only hope people will look back on this time in history and laugh at what utter morons we all were.

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On French Racists and Push-Back

The French national soccer team manager, Didier Deschamps decided that he didn’t want Karim Benzema on the final roster for the upcoming European Cup because he was involved in a scheme to blackmail a teammate, Mathieu Valbuena over a supposed sex tape. Benzema is a pretty decent striker, and probably the best French striker available to pick for the national team, but Deschamps elected instead not to select him because his presence in the locker room probably wouldn’t be great for team chemistry. Chemistry between players, team spirit, trumps individual talents in a team sport like soccer.

Then there’s Samir Nasri. A complete asshole and by most accounts a corrosive personality in the French locker room. He’s talented too, but didn’t play much this past year for Manchester City and will probably get turfed when new manager Pep Guardiola comes in later this summer mostly because he’s lazy and a bit of a prima donna. He was left off the team as well by Deschamps.

Oh, and wait. Here’s Atem Ben Arfa. He was a Newcastle United reject and went back to the French league two years ago where he just had a barnstormer of a season. But lo and behold, he’s a jackass too and nobody on the national team likes him, he’s seen as a selfish player, so one more player left off the team by Deschamps.

What do they have in common? All players of Algerian descent… so naturally Deschamps is being accused of racism by, amongst others, loser Globe and Fail columnists who know nothing about soccer and who is not even a sports columnist. Deschamps is accused of being a racist despite the fact that there are 11 out of 23 players who are black or of African descent, all of whom deny that Deschamps is discriminatory in any way.

But is it any surprise? Progressives are always on the search for things to be outraged about, even if it needs to be imagined and manufactured or conveniently ignores facts that are as plain as day. And this is just a small example of a very big problem with progressivism – it never stops. It never relents. If you ask a conservative, what 10 to 15 things would make you happy, a conservative would list them (lower taxes, reduce the size of government, reduce entitlements and balance the budget, strengthen the military, etc.) and say, if you give us this, we will go away. We’ll go live our lives and get on with things. Ask a progressive this question and they will look at you as though you are from another planet… There is no limit to what they want, because as soon as they achieve something they ignore it, fail to acknowledge any progress and just go on the hunt for more, and more, and more. They are insatiable.

So is the French team racist? No! Because you need to look at it in the context of what the French team might have looked like 50 years ago… there wouldn’t have been a single black player on the roster! That’s progress, no matter how you define it. That should be appreciated, not dissected for the fact that players representing one single minority aren’t represented on the team (for valid reasons).

And this unrelenting assault on everything, this inability to take a breather and appreciate how far we’ve come as a society and a species it eventually produces a resistance. There comes a push back and it gets ugly, the metaphorical pendulum that swings the other way. You get a Donald Trump who, when he calls Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” because she bullshitted about her First Nations ancestry to get a plumb university job, a reporter or someone in the audience shouts, “That’s offensive!” and what does Trump do? He repeats it 4 or 5 more times, this time with a smile, a shark who’s just tasted blood in the water. He’s an asshole who has no business running for President, but this is what a large segment of the population want to see – resistance. Mocking of progressive sensibilities and orthodoxies. Push back. What a shame the current leader for this resistance is total boob and not a conservative at all.  The progressive left are creating a monster, a nationalist alt-right movement that is picking up steam across the world, and when it gets rolling who will stop it?

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