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On Explaining Right-Wing Populists

Not everyone is thrilled with Donald Trump being elected. No kidding. And it seems there are some people, young people especially, who are in pain and need to be comforted and made to feel safe. And don’t you dare diminish their pain and anguish by telling them to “suck it up, pussies”, because that’s a hate crime. And it’s rude to point out that half of them didn’t even vote. It’s horrifying according to Stephen Colbert and John Oliver… two millionaire comedians.  These two grown men had a cry and a hug on stage in front of an audience (maybe off-stage… I’m guessing); they were so traumatized by the results of the election – still!

Lena Dunham (our favourite), in a quest to come to terms with what happened, went on a retreat to Sedona, Arizona where she communed with nature and sought guidance from the canyon and listened to the rocks. No, this is not satire. Instead of traveling to the rural Michigan or suburban Pennsylvania and talking with actual real life Trump voters and speak with the “racists”, “sexists” and “bigots” that voted for Trump, she runs to an isolated posh resort where Mother Gaia will provide all the answers to soothe her troubled soul.

The Left is having a crybaby fit. The comparisons to fascism and Hitler are rampant. So, in keeping with that spirit, let’s use Hitler to discuss an aspect about the Left’s inability to take a deep breath and do some self-examination.

It’s been almost twenty years since I read it, but Ron Rosenbaum wrote a book called “Explaining Hitler” wherein he examined the various theories as to why Hitler was who he was and why he may have been motivated to do the things he’d done. But in the book he recounts going to visit an old Jewish Nazi hunter who asked him not to try and explain Hitler. His reasoning was that once you can identify the roots of someone’s evil acts, you are then obligated to forgive them for those actions because inevitably the roots will lie in that person’s humanity – they were abused as a child, suffered from mental illness, were scarred by past experiences, made gross misjudgments etc. And the old Nazi hunter was of the opinion that Hitler was evil. Full stop. We should never diminish this fact. Understanding Hitler was not only unnecessary, it was morally wrong, because we can never forgive what was done.

This is where the Left is today; they are the old Jewish Nazi hunter looking at the Trump election, Brexit, Rob Ford and other swings towards right-wing populism in the West and saying, “We will not try to understand why you voted that way, because we cannot forgive you.”

A long standing problem is that the Right tends to want to discuss government in terms of Effective vs. Ineffective. The Left knows it cannot win those arguments because historical evidence leans in favour of most traditional right-wing positions; free market solutions over government bureaucracies, traditional family stability over libertine lifestyles etc. So the Left want to make everything into a right vs. wrong moral argument. They are on the side of the angels – the Left stand for the Brotherhood of Man ™, Social Peace through Social Equality™ and Harmony with Nature™… these are “good” causes. Who cares if the policies we’re using to pursue these goals are ineffective or actually causing damage, it’s the intent that counts! Good intentions trump (no pun intended) bad policies! It’s the reason we see so much doubling down on bad ideas even when there is evidence they don’t work. Witness the Trudeau government’s recent announcement that they’re going to go further into deficit to fund a raft of “infrastructure” spending in order to stimulate the economy and “invest” in our economy… it doesn’t work. It didn’t last time, and throwing more money at a bad program won’t make it any better. But again, it’s the intentions that count, not the actual outcome.  Double down, double down.

But I digress… since the Left reduces everything to a moral argument, the only way to win arguments is to portray the other side as not just wrong on policy but morally wrong. Evil. So this, in combination with a strong narcissistic trend in youth today, may in large part explain the unwillingness to see Trump’s election as legitimate and anything other than a vote affirming racism and sexism. We know it’s more nuanced than that – you can vote for a racist without voting for racism. But they will never acknowledge that because then they’d have to forgive 65 million Americans, 20 million Brits and 500,000 Torontonians. No way are they going to do that.  They are a long long way from considering forgiveness.  They are pissed.  And so they have no intentions trying to explain to each other right-wing populism.

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Another Rob Ford Post

Rob FordOh no.  We’re going to write about Rob Ford.  And why not?

What we want to add to the chatter is this:

God bless Rob Ford.

God bless Doug Ford.

We haven’t had this much fun watching a political story unfold on TV in years.

Please, please Rob Ford, find a way to run for Prime Minister.  We would pay good money to watch you debate Justin Trudeau. Two intellectual heavy weights.

Watching Rob and Doug at council  made me wonder – did King Kong Bundy and Big John Studd retire from professional wrestling and enter politics? I saw two loud, fat, sweaty men taunt the audience, push over an old lady, give long speeches about how they were going to beat everyone else and come pretty close to throwing a chair or two. It was awesome! Who needs WWE Raw?

Really though – one has to see the Matt Lauer interview.  At least Lauer doesn’t back down.  Why is it that it takes a U.S. reporter to tell him to his face that he’s an embarrassment?  Even Lord Peter Mansbridge, the so-called greatest anchorman ever, seemed to chicken out when face to face with Ford and his bro.   Maybe the whole pro-wrestling vibe intimidated him.

Here’s the thing … his defense basically boils down to following talking points;

1)     I’m not perfect, and everyone else gets wasted so why can’t I?

2)     I was really really drunk

3)     I’ve saved the taxpayers money

4)     He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone

The constant “nobody’s perfect”, and “have you never gotten drunk?” line is really worth thinking about.  “I’m only human”, like it’s super-human to expect a person in a position of responsibility to have reasonable control over their behaviour.  It seems to us that he and his brother are desperately clinging to this notion that he, being mayor and leader of the city, needn’t be held to any higher standard of conduct than your ordinary Joe Shmoe.  Maybe Adam Vaughn is right, and Rob Ford has “failed his way upwards”, because in life aren’t the people who are more disciplined, more in control of themselves, more composed, more thoughtful and deliberate – aren’t those the people who manage to climb into leadership positions and positions of success?  If so, they don’t complain about being held to higher standards, because they hold themselves to higher standards.

That’s what’s apparently missing in these two.  They don’t hold themselves to a higher standard of conduct, and resent that you would suggest they did.  And it’s nearly impossible to explain that kind of immaturity in grown men who’ve experienced great success in life without having an insight into family pathologies.  Who knows?

Regardless, a pay-per-view no-disqualifications match between Justin Trudeau and Rob Ford would net millions for charity.  Make it happen.

Either way, this is a LOT of fun to watch.  Toronto, the rest of Canada -we’ll survive.  Let’s enjoy the spectacle.

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Ciao Dalton

We’ve noticed that since Dalton McGuinty’s announcement, traffic to our blog has picked up quite a bit, since if you Google search “Dalton McGuinty douche” or “McGuinty Ontario Sucks” lo and behold our humble little website pops up since writing about Premier Dad has been one of our favourite things to do since we started up last January.

What can be said that we haven’t said already?  He was crap.  We could care less if he was a “good” man, a “family” man, if he never lost his temper with staffers, if he was genuine in his beliefs.  His beliefs sucked.  He was a quintessential statist.  McGuinty never came across a problem that he didn’t think couldn’t be solved with yet another law, yet another government bureau.  And he never seemed to be able to rebuff all the friends and family of the Ontario Liberals who pulled up the public trough to feed.

Some time when you have time on your hands, Google the names of the top ORNGE executives, and then add their names to a search with “liberal party” attached.  We need say no more.  The current Liberal Party of Canada president?  Before he had that gig he was a “business owner” building wind farms for the Ontario government.  Before he did that he worked for McGuinty.  Funny how that works.  McGuinty brings in the Green Energy Act, then one of his key staff leave to dip into the pot that was just created.  We could go on.  The media seems to never want to chase these threads.

Anyway McGuinty benefitted from having three pathetic Progressive Conservative leaders in succession. 

First you had Ernie Eves who decided to pull the PC’s to the centre and piss away all of the hard work done by the Harris government.  Ontario was fatigued with the PC’s after 8 years of Harris, but he might have still won had he painted a convincing vision of where he was going to take Ontario post-Harris.  He couldn’t. He deserved to lose because if people are going to vote Liberal-lite, why not just vote for the real thing?

Then you had John Tory.  A big lead in the polls going into the election.  But then he tripped up on the religious school funding.  Really he didn’t make a mistake on that issue, but that’s not the point.  What happened is that Tory had so few policy platforms that differed from the Liberals, everyone focused on just the one campaign pledge, and it happened to be the type of pledge that the blue-haired folks who would normally vote PC went “tsk tsk” and there was such a lack of other energizing platforms that the PC vote said “meh”, stayed home and McGuinty got another election majority.

Then this last time, Hudak has a 20 point lead two months before the election and he blows it.  We’ve discussed this before.  Brutal.

Now he’s leaving.  And of course there’s all sorts of accolades being tossed around, and the worst of them all is this notion that he’s being encouraged to run for the federal Liberal leadership.  Crap.  McGuinty knows he’s about to be taken to the wood shed over all of these scandals, and having “betrayed” the public sector unions.  So he’s running away.

Normally, this would be good.  Conservatives are usually called in to clean up the messes other governments create; Harris called in to clean up Bob Rae’s mess, Rob Ford called in to clean up David Miller’s mess in Toronto etc.  But in this case we have good cause to worry.  The Liberals are history, and Hudak is less than inspiring.  We may wake up a year from now and have Premier Horvath. 

God help us.

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You Are Being Watched. Always.

There are two stories in the news today that actually have some commonality in that they both teach a valuable lesson to conservatives and others in positions of responsibility and power.

Act like you are always being watched.

We briefly touched on this last Friday with our DOTW award going to Rob Ford, the Mayor of Toronto, mostly for his seemingly non-stop series of gaffes and blunders that gives his opponents ammunition and moral strength.  You can’t do this if you’re conservative; there is little forgiveness in the media and in the population at large because the perception is that conservatives are the straight-arrows brought in to clean up the messes left by everyone’s favourites, the fun, romantic lefties.  As soon as the arrow appears a bit bent, then lo and behold unleash the hounds.

So Princess Kate decides to air out her ta-ta’s in the company of her husband on a balcony that they thought was private.  No doubt in our minds that the photographers invaded her privacy; her intent was not to do this publicly, she had taken all reasonable measures to insure that where she did this was protected from view and so the photographers are in the wrong as are the papers that publish the photos.  And Silvio Berlusconi who you can now add to the list of people lining up to publish the pics – why are we not surprised.

But because of the position she’s in, we’d ask the question if this is something she really really needed to do?  Not really.  It may not sound fair, but she should just always assume she’s being watched and behave accordingly.

Then the parallel story is of dumbass Mitt Romney getting caught saying that 47% of Americans are essentially free-loaders who pay no taxes and he’s just going to give up on trying to woo them, since they’re Democratic voters

Ironically, it’s the one-year anniversary today of the start of the Occupy protests.  Remember their favourite slogan – we are the 99%.  To which many of us, including on this blog, responded that perhaps we need to talk about the 53% – the ones who actually pay the taxes to fund all these wonderful plans the Occupods would love to see come to life.

So, although we say that we admire forthrightness and honesty in our politicians, we don’t actually Mitt.  What you said is true, but you can’t say things like this.  You should know this.  You have now essentially written off 47% of the vote, and essentially said that you are working with just half the population when in fact you are seeking to lead all Americans, aren’t you?

So, even though he thought he was talking to his supporters, saying something that they would silently nod in agreement with while they wrote campaign cheques, he still should have assumed, like Kate, that he is always being watched.  Always.

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So Rob Ford and Dalton McGuinty Walk Into a Room…

So Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty had a “summit” meeting yesterday to discuss guns and gun crime in Toronto in the wake of all the recent shootings.  Rob Ford was going to ask for more provincial money for police, while McGuinty was going to ask if there was a way to get 50lbs of fat transplanted onto him off Ford’s belly, because McGuinty’s skeletal body is getting chills in the winter and could use the added insulation.

Anyway, the result is, of course, DRUM ROLL PLEASE, more money for police.  Shockingly imaginative.  Is there a problem, by the way, that would not be resolved by more money for police, jails and law enforcement?  We’ve touched on this subject before.   

Anyone who knows Toronto knows this – you cannot park for 2 seconds illegally, or without putting every coin in that change jar you keep in the glove box into the parking meter, before you get some pseudo-cop materializing out of nowhere and slapping a parking ticket on your windshield.  It’s like the Toronto police have perfected the ninja-cop who can move amongst us undetected, constantly on the lookout for criminal parkers – they’re always there. 

Or how about the ubiquitous speed trap where the cops catch you going 60 in a 50, pull you over for a half –hour while they write your ticket at a pace that would make a 100-year old tortoises envious, and then they let you go, you say, OH SHIT – I’M LATE FOR MY MEETING, put your foot on the gas and then get caught doing 60 in a 50 on the very next box.  Very efficient at catching speeders are these Toronto Police.

But one thing the Toronto police and police in general don’t seem to be very good at these days is stopping actual crime.  Look at the G20 fiasco.  Look at Caledonia.  Look at the London Fanshawe riots.  Look at the Vancouver riots.  So, now putting more police on the streets, when there seem to be plenty already for crap like parking tickets and speeding traps, or when there are $100k/year officers working behind desks at police headquarters, that’s going to solve a gang violence problem?

The last year or so, since the Conservatives have been pushing their Law-and-Order agenda, progressives have been pointing out how the crime rate has been falling in Canada, so these measures are unneeded.  Here’s the dirty little secret – violent crime is not falling.  And when you poll Canadians on the question of “do you feel safer than you did last year/five years ago etc” the majority reply that no, they do not feel safer.  Why?  Because in reality the crime rate has not fallen.  What has fallen is the citizens’ willingness or interest in reporting it.  Who reports a stolen bike or graffiti or car break-in anymore?  Who reports minor arson or threatening panhandling anymore?  Who reports seeing penny-drug deals in the parkette around the corner, or teenage youth loitering in a school yard drinking and smoking weed?  Nobody.  Because what is the point – the police won’t can’t do anything.  They are very good now at documenting crime, but becoming increasingly poor at stopping actual crime or finding culprits.  So we have all given up.  We’ve accepted crime.  And in a case of broken glass syndrome, once you start accepting petty crime, minor lawlessness, you have then given permission for escalation to shootings at block parties.

No… more money for more useless police is not the answer.  But we are so sorely lacking any real leadership in this country that we could have predicted this response the minute the Danzig shootings had finished.

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Is Rob Ford Being Bullied?

We all know the Toronto Red Star has an active, ongoing smear campaign against Rob Ford.  And the left in the city can’t stand him to the point where they are trying to legally get him impeached for improperly using Toronto mayoral letterhead to solicit what turned out to be a mere $3,100 for donations to a high-school football program.  Horrors.

And now they gleefully catch the fat man coming out KFC when he’s missed the last two weigh-ins for his weight loss challenge (he gained weight at the last weigh in… Uh oh).

And then, of course it’s Pink Shirt week, and the gay activists, being the bullies that they are (ironic, isn’t it)  are using the opportunity to jump on Fat Rob and wonder if he’s going to commit to coming to this year’s Pride Parade in Toronto, when last year he skipped the parade to attend a “family outing”.

Our thoughts are this; firstly, if he gets laughed at for coming out of a KFC with a bucket of chicken, he did this to himself by publicly saying he was going to lose weight, so deal with it.

Secondly, Ford brings gay heat on himself by not being honest and coming out and saying that the Pride parade is basically bullshit – it isn’t about gay rights or tolerance, it’s about celebrating the fringe elements of modern gay culture, from men wearing banana hammocks simulating orgies on floats, to half-naked, hairy fat men wearing sado-masochist gear, Queers Against Israeli Apartheid and outrageous drag queens.  He should just say that it’s not the kind of event he wants to associate himself with.  And besides, what kind of reception is he going to get on the route?  He’ll be jeered the whole way. 

Why bother… sure he’s being bullied, but by the same token he’s not standing up for himself.  And isn’t that the good old fashioned cure for bullying – stand up, kick and scrap and don’t let yourself get pushed around, even if it means landing only one punch for every two you take.

Environmental Laughers

We wish we were more in tune with our environmentally conscious side so we could have done more Earth Week appropriate postings this week.

Alas, we are left with laughing at some of the preposterous crap that gets shoveled out by the Globe and Fail, complete with all the trite over-the-top statements that will get ooh’s and aahhh’s from group-think simpletons on the progressive left.

Well, just look at the authors – Devon Page is executive director of Ecojustice. Peter Robinson is CEO of the David Suzuki Foundation.

We also like also how in their piece they cite that in Argentina the citizen’s right to clean water meant some industries had to stop operating.  Awesome.  Clean water, but no money for food, because jobs are gone.  But wait… these are probably the same idiots who thing there’s such a thing as a “right to food”.

Oh, and what “massive” industrial pollution?  In CHINA?  In INDIA?  In RUSSIA?  Countries that the Progressive Left openly admire?   No, they’re talking about here in North America… these idiots are so lost in nostalgic thinking and live in the 70’s it’s not even funny.  The fact is these days there is no “massive industrial pollution” – you can’t even fart in this country without a permit from the Ministry of Environment.  We are making immense progress on cleaning our environment, cleaning our water, our air and preserving our natural areas.  Anyone who would deny that we live in a cleaner North America than 10, 20 or 50 years ago is practicing outright intellectual dishonesty.

Avert Your Eyes

Just gaze upon the horrific mural some poor misled student at Pilgrim High School in Rhode Island drew – a father, mother and child.  How offensive.  We expect this student will be sent off to some remote camp for sensitivity training and a complete mind-wipe of any of these (wrong) notions of what a family looks like.

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RoboFord: How Rob Ford, Robocalls and Newton’s 3rd Law Relate

We’ll start this post with a high-minded philosophical preamble before we get to Rob Ford and the Robocalls scandal, but you’ll have to bear with us for a bit here.

We’ve mentioned in several posts of the past how basically all of the beliefs and worldviews of the progressive left can be distilled into four basic principles that we call the Pillars of Progressivism; the Brotherhood of Man, the Triumph of Learning and Reason over Faith and Natural Law, Social Peace through Social Equilibrium and Man in Harmony with the Environment.

When you look at these core principles from which almost every leftist idea or fad can be derived, you have to think – those are pretty noble.  Those are “good” ideals really, and only if you’re particularly religious would you have issue with the one principle.

So, on the surface it’s hard to argue with them, until you think more deeply about it and decide that what it describes is a perfect world, utopia, which would have to be populated by perfect people to be lasting.

And therein is where it fails – people are not perfect.  So you have imperfect people trying to impose, through government coercion largely, a “perfect” world, and ultimately it doesn’t work.  It is a disaster in the making and the only difference between liberals, socialists and communists is the speed at which they would send society into the brink.

True small “c” conservatives don’t dispute the ideals that progressives are aiming for, but instead they argue that these should be personal, individual ideals.  People are not perfect, and hence when we give them the power (and money) to enforce high-minded principles on others, the result is usually corruption, abuse and a loss of freedom.  Thus the fundamental reason why  (true) conservatives are for limited government and individual rights above collective rights, and the preservation of social contracts and institutions (such as churches) to empower the individual with the resources and support to deal with difficulties of life, and not be looking to the state for cradle to grave protection.

But coming back to the progressive left – you can see then why they feel morally in the right, on the side of the angels.  And anyone who opposes their worldviews must logically be then evil, stupid or both.

And it’s all in-bounds then when it comes to personal attacks or denigrating right-wingers as having lower IQ’s or being racist, or attacking their children, as when comedian Louis CK talks about Sarah Palin as a “c**t with a retard-making c**t”.   No problem, when the left does it, but if a conservative comedian, say Jeff Foxworthy or Adam Carolla, were to say something along those lines in a routine about a leftist politician, wow, the blowback would be way different, wouldn’t it?

So, we come to Rob Ford and the desperate effort to “impeach” him, based on his having raised $3,100 for a junior football team using official letterhead essentially.  It’s all good, in the left’s eyes, because regardless of the reason, getting Rob Ford out of office in Toronto is the end result.  Get the fat, anti-union, redneck buffoon out of office.

Oh, and it’s OK to mock Rob Ford’s staffer as a Musollini Nazi “black shirt”, and then issue a half-ass apology for the offended staffer overhearing a “private” conversation.

Andrew Coyne recently wrote about the moral wasteland that has become the political scene here in Canada, and elsewhere to that extent.  The context of his article was the Robocalls scandal, and the apparent depth to which the Conservative party was willing to stoop to swing the vote in some key ridings.  But the Robocalls scandal we think we can explain (not excuse) given the context of everything we’ve just discussed and considering Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion that says;

“To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction: or the forces of two bodies on each other are always equal and are directed in opposite directions”

So then, say you are conservative, and every day you are confronted with a cabal of left-leaning or left-sympathizing media, society elites, celebrities and academics that feel it fair and appropriate to mock and demonize you and your beliefs regularly, with impunity, claiming that not only are you wrong, you are too stupid for us to bother debating – how do you react?  We think the Robocalls scandal shows us part of the answer to that question – you abandon some of your own ethics and descend into guerrilla warfare, because if they aren’t going to play fair, then why should you? 

And hence here we are at this point in our history.  And it ain’t looking too good for the future.

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An Imperfect Toronto Transit Analogy

Imagine you’ve just built your dream house, but now you have a limited budget to find furniture to fill your new home.  So, you bring in two interior decorators to help.

The first one tells you that she will take the money you’ve budgeted and head to IKEA.  At IKEA, on your budget, she’ll be able to find furniture for every room in the house, and pretty much completely furnish each room.  The furniture won’t be ideal mind you; the faux steel railing décor won’t really match some rooms of the house, the size and layout of some of the pieces won’t really fit well with some other rooms, there’ll be some wasted space or in some rooms it might get cramped.  Oh, and don’t try and move the furniture too much after you’ve set it up, it’s not the sturdiest stuff.  And don’t have any kids and let them jump on the bed, or slam the drawers or anything rough.  But hey – you’ll have furniture in every room of the house, and you’ll be all set.

Along comes the second decorator.  He tells you that he’ll take your budget, but that he also wants another 35% on top of that, and he’ll go to some Mennonite carpenters, and he’ll have them build you wonderful, custom made, tailor fitted pieces of furniture, but only one piece per room.  So, for a while, you’ll have a fantastic leather sofa in the living room, but have to put your TV on milk crates until you can afford to have a custom made TV cabinet.  You’ll have to keep your clothes in laundry baskets, while you sleep on a wonderful king-size bed dreaming of the day you can afford a custom made dresser and vanity mirror.  And so on.  But in the meantime, in the years between this purchase and the time when you’ll be able to afford the next set of pieces, you’ll be in possession of beautiful hand crafted, sturdy, quality furniture that will last you a lifetime and will have been built to perfectly fit your new home.

What would you do?  In all honesty they’re both pretty lousy options; on the one hand you get a lot of sub-par stuff that you in all likelihood won’t be too keen on a few years down the line, but at least you’ll have everything you need.  On the other hand you’re going to be asked to spend more money than you have, for a few really good pieces of furniture, while other needs will be left begging for an indeterminate time.

This is the dilemma essentially being faced in the transit plan wars being waged in Toronto.

If you aren’t able to follow Toronto municipal politics, that’s unfortunate; it is wonderful theatre, much more entertaining at the moment than federal or provincial politics.  The names of Hitler and Stalin are invoked regularly, you’ve got the left vs. the right, downtown vs. the suburbs, unionists vs. pro-business, and now you’ve got Transit City proponents vs. Rob Ford’s Subway proponents.

Transit City was the old mayor’s plan to put Light Rail Transit (LRT) tracks across the city.  Rob Ford campaigned for mayor saying that Torontonians didn’t want “streetcars” they wanted subways.  So, instead of network of LRTs, he essentially proposed a more expensive single subway line connecting Scarborough to the existing system, that he didn’t actually have money for, while the other cheaper LRT plan has gotten funding commitment.  And now you have the mayor’s plan being turfed by dissidents on council, the head of the TTC being fired, the TTC turning around and clearing out all the Ford supporters from the board and on and on.

And to make it more interesting, yesterday Tim Hudak came out and said that the Ontario Conservatives were in favour of subways.  We’re not sure how wise it is to get involved in Toronto’s municipal wars, but polling must have told him that’s what the majority of Torontonians want to hear.  And, oh Tim, we’re expecting you then to make the trip to Waterloo next election (in say… four months or so?) and announce that you are going to cancel the funding for the LRT project here, if you’re so in favour of subways.

For the record, we think subways are the way to go also.  And this is probably one of the few types of projects that we think government should find the money for; infrastructure is an investment in the economy and provides value for money over 40, 50 years or longer if done properly. 

But we do find it a curious sociological study, that has nothing really to do with ideology, what a person’s preferences are when confronted with the two transit plans in Toronto or our analogy that we began the post with; there are those who want instant or short term satisfaction, and there are those wanting to measure twice, cut once and do it right the first time, even if that means doing less.  Is that a right or left thing, conservative or socialist thing?  It might be.

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We Need Rob Ford To Win

Rob Ford got weighed in yesterday to start his weight loss challenge, and then went from announcing he was going to cut the inches around his waist (and honestly, at 330 lbs he is absurdly fat… just sayin’) to cutting TO’s deficit by bringing out the 2012 Toronto budget, where for the first time in a very very long time a municipality in Ontario set a spending target that was lower than what they spent the year previous.

An aside, Rob Ford’s weight loss program started with a colon cleansing, or so we’ve heard.  It’s expected that he’ll lose 30lbs through the process, but afterwards will be 150% more conservative.

Well, we here at RA are sort of torn on big Rob.  We call him a Default Conservative, because while we applaud the direction, we applaud the simplicity of ‘cut spending – good’, ‘lower taxes – good’, ‘unions – argh – bad!’, we just don’t know if there’s much more depth to what he’s about.  So, he’s sort of a conservative by default.  If he had more of a philosophically conservative foundation, we think he would be better at communicating and taking on the leftist goons at the Toronto Red Star and on council a little more successfully than he has thus far.  As it is he comes across as just a little too populist for our tastes – populism can only carry you so far, because at some point the populace will wince, and you need to be able to lead them through the stage where they begin to question ‘what have they done’?

But it goes without saying that we all need Rob Ford to win this battle.  No, not the one with his weight.  The one with the despicable Adam Vaughns and his ilk on Toronto City Council, the unions and the Margaret Atwood alarmists.

We don’t need labour peace.  We need labour war.  Don’t cave on your fight with the unions, Rob.  You’re an unlikely war hero, but we here in Ontario are desperate for someone to rescue us from being the next Greece.


Heather Mallick, First of Many Many Posts to Come

Those who decide to stick with Regressive Analysis and keep reading our site will learn that we have a thing for Heather Mallick.  Not that kind of a thing, oh God no.

For those of you unfamiliar with Heather, she’s a columnist for the Toronto Red Star, and an occasional columnist for the Guardian in the UK, and of course is infamous for being shown the door by the CBC, for being a little too viscious in an attack she made on Bristol Palin, and comparing Sarah Palin to a porn star.  You know where you stand when even the CBC can’t turn a blind eye to attacks on conservatives and their families, which is standard fare over there at the MotherShip and it’s cadre of communists.

Anyway, we here at Regressive Analysis find Heather Mallick to be quite ridiculous.

A few years ago there was a TV reality show, Rockstar Supernova, and after one contestant Magni Ásgeirsson performed his version of “Fire” by Jimi Hendrix, one of the judges, Tommy Lee, jumped up and said “Yo, man!  That was ridiculous!”  But you knew from the joyful expression on his face, the fist pump and the crowd cheering was that he meant it was ridiculous in the best possible way.

Yeah, well…  When when we say Heather Mallick is ridiculous, we mean in almost the exact 180 degree way to that.

We mean ridiculous in the who-lets-her-write-this-shit, is-she-insane, what-the-fuck? type of way.

She is a commentator who takes ad hominem attacks, the verbal diarrhea of slurs, mis-truths and name calling, amazing mind-reading feats and the presentation of caricatures instead of real persons involved in any issues to new heights.

Take her latest “column” in the Red Star yesterday.

This is all typical Mallick.  Her “research” involves reading the works of only those people with whom she agrees.  She claims that she “know[s] about the American hard-right lunacy from watching The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report”.  Most journalists would be embarrassed to admit that their primary source for their political commentary came from comedy shows, but not Heather.  She makes the outrageous claim that all of the negative political discourse originates from the right side of the spectrum, while working for a newspaper that has been running a year long campaign to vilify Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

We here at Regressive Analysis are obviously deeply conflicted.  On the one hand, the world would be a more rational, reasonable place if what passes for discourse from the likes of Heather Mallick would somehow evaporate.  However, we know that so long as she is around, and somebody is stupid enough to give her a platform, that we will always have something to write about.

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