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The Reign of Immaturity: On Personal Choices

Just a few brief things today.

First, the Ontario Human Rights Commission has declared that being a vegan is a human right.  We’re not sure why that needed to be clarified, but thank God, it has now.  The corollary is of course that it is a human right not be assaulted by vegan “emissions” resulting from eating all those lentils and high fibre foods.  Sorry, making jokes about vegans is offensive, we don’t want to be violating someone’s human rights.

Then of course there’s the story where a Fergus, Ontario restaurant is slammed for advertising for a waitress (sexist) without tattoos or piercings (discriminatory).  A dumb ass high school student is quoted:

“You shouldn’t discriminate against something that people choose,” added a high school student.

But that’s exactly what you should be allowed to discriminate against… People have no control over their colour, race, gender, disability, even religion (to a degree).  But choosing to wear eyebrow rings is a choice and when you make a choice you carry the responsibility to accept the consequences of that choice.  Unfortunately people want to live life without any consequences for the choices they make.  It’s a hallmark of immaturity, because the only people we should let off the hook for bad decisions is little kids because they don’t know any better.  But adults?

So when you choose to get visible tattoos or piercings that may not be everyone’s cup of tea, surely you understand that (and it may in fact be part of why you got those things in the first place).

What if I “choose” to come in to a job interview drunk and unshaven… wait!  You didn’t give me the job?!?  I’m suing for a human rights violation!  Is that a bit too far now?  Where is the line?

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