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On Student Narcissism and Lack of Empathy

Mr. Sandor Dosman was having trouble attracting people to apply to be wait staff at his café which is located on the Wilfred Laurier University campus and, ironically it turns out as we go through the story, right next door to the Graduate Students Association (GSA). So Mr. Dosman posts this ad to Facebook in the hopes that being a little off-the-wall and making an attempt at some humour will attract more applicants.


Now, sadly, while the ad seems to have worked and he got interested students applying for the position, he soon found that he was no longer welcome on the WLU campus because he’d used the word “slave” in his ad.  The GSA noticed the ad and decided to give Mr. Sandor and the Veritas café the boot based on some obscure clause in their leasing agreement over the university’s “principles”. So, Mr. Sandor was given almost zero time to get off the premises, take all of his equipment and inform the eleven students who worked for him that they were out of a job and now he is left scrambling to figure out how to recover from this mistake that he has apologized for.

Forget the idea that using the word “slave” is triggering or offensive or inappropriate is in itself ridiculous. Of course it’s absurd. But when most authoritarian-wanna bes first show up in history a lot of people regard them as absurd initially too.

What’s most striking in this story is the instantaneous expulsion and unwillingness for not only some due process, but also the inability to provide even a small measure of mercy for a man who employs fellow students and on whose livelihood depends on this business. He’s apologized. He’s acknowledged his “sin”. And yet that’s not enough.

There are two things going on her that tell a lot about what is grabbing hold at universities today across the world; narcissism and complete lack of empathy.

It’s a demonstration of narcissism, in that the GSA know it was a joke, they know he’s apologized, they know that their actions are putting fellow students out of work. They know this. And still they go ahead and prosecute their flimsy grievance. But they are so pathologically intent on flexing their muscles, showing everyone what they can do to whomever they judge unworthy, demonstrating their power, they can’t even resist for a moment to show some mercy.

And it’s a complete lack of empathy. It reminds me of the Louis CK bit on Conan O’Brien from a few years ago where he talks about kids texting and emailing each other nasty stuff because “they’re trying it out”, and whereas fifty years ago if a kid called another kid a name to their face, they’d see and hear the reaction and decide that wasn’t what they’d wanted, that didn’t make me feel as good as I thought it would. They built empathy by being actively engaged with other people, face to face. But now we’re faced with a generation of protected snowflakes, narcissists who even when confronted with the evidence of what their harsh reaction to an obvious minor infraction is going to do to real, actual, living people, they are able to dismiss it. They’ve not built the ability to empathize with “others”. And it’s something you see in the crybaby fits about Trump, and the protests against Jordan Peterson and other acts of what looks like immaturity, but it’s worse than that.

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Since When is Being a C**t a Badge of Honour?

vulvetaThe progressive left is all for free speech, so long as what you say agrees with what they are thinking.  Otherwise they have anointed themselves the arbiters of what is good free speech and what is simply the peddling of evil ideas and pollution of us poor ignoramuses’ minds.

The progressive left is against any kind of bullying too – provided it’s “bullying” against one of their favoured identity groups; gays, Islamists, feminists.  If you’re “bullying” anyone else, like say a white male, that’s all good, because everyone knows that white males are the source of 99% of the evil in our world.

So, this brings us to the latest shining example of leftist behaviour on campus with the shouting down of Stephen Woodworth’s talk at the University of Waterloo last night.  He was invited to speak there.  He came to speak on the rights of fetuses, our lack of any reasonable abortion limitations in Canada and other matters for which Stephen Woodworth has become one of the lone voices in parliament.  But nope that’s no good for the left.  No free speech on campuses, we all know that.

Instead his speech was busted up by “Vulveta”, some tool named Ethan Jackson dressed as a giant vagina, and shouting at Woodworth about how dare he have the right to impose his “monotheistic Christian” views on the rest of us… “monotheistic” ?  Is there a polytheistic Christianity?

Regardless, he’s a world class idiot.  Look at the video.  Some obviously self-loathing white male kid, whose parents still wipe his ass, and who if you do a basic Google search on his name turns out he’s a 21 year old arts student, and a Rainbow Centre Student Coordinator at nearby Wilfrid Laurier University.  So, someone who volunteers at a gay outreach centre, supposedly the exact type of person who would be concerned about bullying then becomes a bully when he doesn’t want someone he disagrees with speaking.  The hypocrisy.  But then he’s probably not bright enough or introspective enough to see it.

Funny how if you go to the WLURC web page, you see this hilarious description of one of their missions;

We offer a space in which to house resources, hold meetings, and, most importantly, provide the opportunity to engage in discourse in an open and positive environment.

Engage in discourse in an open and positive environment… ?  Really.  Let’s contrast that statement with Mr. Jackson’s (or is it Ms.?) behaviour and the little speech one of his progressive comrades gave when she commandeered the podium by force away from Stephen Woodworth;

“In the name of every cunt, we stand here today refusing to let you further devalue the anatomical jewel, and moreover refusing to let you keep talking about removing it.   We are the defenders of the cunt. You are threatening the freedom of all cunts while disseminating anti-cunt misinformation in institutions that require academic integrity.”

Classy.  I bet she’s getting an A+ from her Womyn’s Studies professor for that.  I can’t wait for her to get a good solid job after she graduates with her PhD at age 40, in some tax-payer funded campus Womyn’s Centre so she can try and teach my daughter when she gets to university that she’s a “c**t”.

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